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name 4 exotoxins that aid in the spreas of bacteria
Collagenase and elastase
What are the three exotoxins that lyse host cells?
Lecithinase (phospholipase C)
Staph alpha toxin
Strept Streptolysins
cholera toxin is an A-B toxin. How do these toxins affect host cells?
they block or alter protein function/synthesis/ or expression. The A portion actually does the damage while the B portion binds the toxin to the cell
Are transition bacteria motile?
What causes lumpy jaw in cattle?
Actinomyces bovis
What causes canine pulmonary actinomycosis?
Actinomyces viscosus
What distinguishes Nocardia from mycobacteria?
the presence of mycelial elements
What is the principle species of Nocardia that is pathogenically important?
Nocardia asteroides
What are the two ways the Nocardia infections arise?
Inhalation resulting in the pulmonary form of the disease

Contamination of skin wounds resulting in subcutaneous abcesses
Is Nocardia a commensal of animals?
No it is found in the soil
What are the two main conditions the N. asteroides causes?
acute or chronic bovine mastitis

pulmonary canine nocardiosis
What causes Lumpy wool and strawberry foot rot in sheep?
Dermatophilus congolensis
What is Dermatophilosis characterized by?
exudative dermatitis with scab formation
the zoospores of D. congulensis must overcome protective barriers of the skin. What factors can help this happen?
prolonged wetting by rain
high humidity
high temp
Is is likely for reinfection of D. congolensis to recur?
Name 5 antibiotics that are derived from Streptomyces species?
Amphotericin B
What are the only 2 obligate intracellular bacteria?
Rickettsia and Chlamydia
What are the hallmark signs of acute Richettsia infection?
intractable headache
what is the only Rickettsiaciae Organism that does not require a vector for transmission?
Coxiella burnettii
What causes Canine Salmon Poisoning?
Neorikettsia helminthoeca
What cells are infected in Canine ehrlichosis?
blood monocytes
What causes Potomac Horse Fever?
Ehrlichia risticii
What are the signs for potomac horse fever?
explosive diarrhea
terminal shock
Which Chlamydia species is resistant to sulfonamides?
C. psittaci
Which Chlamydia species is insensitive to penicillin?
C. trachomatis
What are the two lifecycle forms fo Chlamydia?
Elementary and reticulate bodies
What are the three areas of the body that Chlamydia likes to set up in?
What serotypes of C. trachomatis are responsible for genital infections and inclusion conjuctivitis?
Ba and D-K
C.psittaci mainly affects what animals?
birds (parrots)
How do you treat and prevent C.psittaci infections in birds?
feeding chlortetracycline
The establisment of infection of anerobic bacteria is not usually related to virulence but to what?
Eh of the suceptible tissue
What organism causes black leg?
Clostridium chauvoei
What does Clostridium septicum cause?
malignant Edema
What causes red water disease?
Clostridium haemolyticum
What is associated with the growth of C haemolyticum in red water disease in cattle?
A primary infection with liver flukes
There are tw types of Clostridium novyi what are they and what do they cause?
Type A- gas gangrene, big head

Type B- Black disease
What causes ulcerative enteritis or Quail Disease?
Clostridium colinum
What causes iota enterotoxemia in rabbits and lab rodents?
Clostridium spiroforme
What is the most common cause of necrotizing myositis in horses following wounds or injection sites?
C. perfringens
All strains of C. perfringens produce which toxin?
Alpha toxin
Which type of C. perfringens causes Yellow Lamb Disease?
Type A
Which type of C. Perfringens causes Lamb dysentery?
type B
What does Type D C. perfringens cause in sheep?
Pulpy Kidney Disease or Overeating disease
What are the three toxins produced by C. tetani?
What is the only Fusobacterium that regularly causes disease in animals?
F. necrophorum
What is the principle cause of bull nose in pigs after ringing?
Fusobacterium necrophorum
This is an obligate parasite of the hooves of sheep, goats, and cattle and the primary cause of contageous foot rot in sheep.
Bacteriodes nodosus
What are the virulence factors for Bacteroides fragilis?
polysaccharide capsule
multiple antibiotic resistance
This is an obligate parasite of bovine genitalia
Campylobacter fetus--- venerealis
What causes porcine proliferative Enteritis?
Lawsonia intracellularis
What is Helicobacter pylori thought to be responsible for?
gastric ulcers
What is alginate?
A polysaccharide coating produces by Pseudomonas aeuroginosa
In sheep this causes Green Wool or Fleece Rot.
P. aeruginosa
What causes Glanders?
P. mallei
Waht are the virulence factors of Moraxella bovis?
beta hemolysin
What is the most common form of mastitis?
subclinical form
When is the treatment of subclinical mastitis performed?
during the dry period
How many identical colonies must be cultured from 0.1 ml of milk for the findings to be significant?
What is the substrate for Lecithinase?
colonies of this organism often develop a yellow-orange pigment
Gross lesions of this disease are bloody and often referred to as " tomato soup".
canine pulmonary nocardiosis
What does Francisella need to grow in culture?
cystiene or cystine
what is the principle resevoir for Francisella?
small wild mammals
What is the leading cause of abortion and sterility in domesticated livestock?
What causes wooden tongue?
Actinobacillus lignieresii
Which organisms grow best on chocolate agar?
What species of Strept derives erythromycin, and what chemical class is it?
S. erythreus, macrolide
What species of Strept yeilds streptomycin, and what class is it?
S. griseus, aminoglycoside
What species of Strept yields tetracycline?
S. aureofaciens
What species of Strept yields amphotericin B and what class is it?
S. nodosus, Polyenes
What species of Strept yields nystatin, and what class is it?
S. nouressi, polyene