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Most bacteria use what to grow?
carbs like us!
What uses aa to grow?
What uses FA to grow?
What color is gram +?
What color is gram -?
What is the cell wall of a gram + cell like?
thick peptidoglycan
teichoic acid
What is the cell wall of a gram negative cell like?
thin outer membrane
thin peptidoglycan
what is the basic subunit of the peptidoglycan like?
N-acetyl glucosamine
N-Acetyl muramic acid
L ala
L glucosamine
L lysine/diaminpanylic *
Which bacteria is highly cross-linked?
gram positive
What is lysozyme?
natural antimicrobial agent that cleaves PG cell
Penicillin does what?
inhibits cell wall synth
What does teichoic acid do?
cross links to cytoplasmic or peptidoglycan walls

found in gm +
What does the gram negative cell envelope contain?
inner membrane
periplasmic space
outer membrane
what is found in the periplasmic space of the gram negative?
hydrolyzing enzymes
what is in the outer membrane of gram negative cells?
porins - molecular seive
What are the 3 components of the lipopolysaccharide?
Lipid A
Core Polysaccharide
What is Lipid A
part of lipopolysaccharide of grm -
causes fever
What is O-Antigen?
side chain that can be used diagnositically
What do TLR stimulate?
production of proinflamatory cytokines
macromolecular structure
protien or polysaccharide
virulence factor that prevents phagocytosis
Type II virulence factors
secrete protein across the inner membrane
Type III virulence factors
deliever protiens into host cells
Type IV virulence factors
delivers DNA into host cells