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What are the causative agents of impetigo and their associated clinical presentations?
Strep: usually nonbullous
Staph: commonly bullae and pustules
*remember impetigo is common in children
What is ecthyma?
deeper impetigo often on legs that heals with a scar
What complications of impetigo might occur?
Kidney! poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis (rare but may occur with nephritogenic strains of strep)
scarlet fever (but no rheumatic fever)
Name four types of folliculitis, their causative agents, and common treatment
superficial: S. aureus, clean and give topical antibiotics
gram negative: Klebsiella, Enterobacter, or Proteus (common as acne superinfxn); oral antibiotics or Accutane
Pseudomonas: hot tub! no treatment
Folliculitis barbae: staph in beard area, topical or oral antibiotics
What are four precipitating factors for cellulitis?
tinea, trauma, wound, immunosupression
What is the causative agent for cellulitis?
group A beta hemolytic strep or staph
What are the borders like in cellulitis?
not elevated, not sharply defined
How is erysipelas related to cellulitis?
it is a more superficial cellulitis with a well demarcated border
What is the presentation of erythrasma? Causative agent?
superficial bacterial (Corynebacterium minitussimum) infxn of the skin, well demarcated, reddish-brown, slightly scaly to smooth, shiny patches in the groin and axillae, possible maceration and scaling in toe webs
Who is at high risk for erythrasma?
diabetic, obese, debilitated pt
What is the Wood's lamp examination? What dz can it be used for?
coral red fluorescence visible in erythrasma
What are verrucous warts caused by?
papillomavirus (DNA)
How does molluscum contagiosum present?
dome shaped smooth papules with central umbilication, lesions are both contagious and auto-inoculable
What is molluscum contagiosum caused by?
pox virus
What are four presentations of HSV?
gingivostomatitis, Herpetic whitlow (common in dental or medical personnel), excema herpeticum, genital vulvovaginitis
Is the herpes virus a DNA or RNA type?
What is the DDx for a herpes like lesion?
impetigo (pustules and crusts with no grouping of vesicles), zoster, aphthous swtomatits
What enzyme do antivirals act on?
viral thymidine kinase
What virus presents as "dew drop on rose petal"
Varicella - zoster
What does cingulatum mean?