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Bacteria are classified by the way they get?
Food (Eubacteria)
one type lives in or on other organisms(it does not harm the host), the other eats other organisms.(this type is considered aa predator.
Consumers (Eubacteria)
eat dead, decaying organisms.
Decomposers (Eubacteria)
use sunlight to make food. They contain chlorophyll, a colored pigment.
Producers (Eubacteria)
usually live in water and contain different colors of chlorophyll. (flamingos)
Cyanbacteria (Eubacteria)
Extreme Bacteria (Archaebactera)
3 types:
heat, salt, methane
Heat lovers live in ocean vents and hot springs Salt lovers live in places like the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake methane makers produce smelly methane gas and are found in swamps and inside animal intestines
Archeabacteria can live in environments with little or no ____ such as the hot springs in Yellowstone Park and beneath the ice in Antarctica
extremely small, single celled without nucleus (prokaryotic)
Bacteria have a __ that is rigid and gives the bacterium its shape
cell wall
Some bacteria have hair-like parts called ___ that help them to move around
An organism that does NOT have a nucleus
An organism that contains a nucleus is called a
All bacteria are___ since they do NOT have a nucleus
Bacteria reproduce through a process called
binary fission
means two
means to split apart

Therefore, binary fission means to split apart
In harsh conditions a bacteria can become inactive and form an___ until better conditions develop