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Max Operating Altitude (767)
43,100 ft
Max Operating Altitude (757)
42,000 ft
Max Takeoff Weight
767 (60K)
767 (56K)
Max LandingWeight
767 (60K)
767 (56K)
Max Tailwind (Takeoff and Landing)
10 Kts
Max Takeoff Crosswind
Braking Good - Dry Rwy
Braking Good - Wet Rwy
40 kts
25 Kts
Max LandingCrosswind
Braking Good - Dry Rwy
Braking Good - Wet Rwy
40 kts
40 kts
Minimum Cockpit Oxygen
Engine Starter Duty Cycle
Reengagemnet RPM
-First Attempt
-Second Attempt
0 N2
0 N2
Extended Motoring Re-engagement
<5 minutes
0 N2
Extended Motoring Re-engagement
>5 and < 10 minutes
10 minutes cooling
Extended Motoring Re-engagement
>10 and < 15
15 minutes cooling
Max Continuous mororing engagement
15 minutes
Minimum Oil for engine start
15 quarts
Max Start attempts for APU in 60 minute period
3 attempts
Time between APU start attempts
1 minute
Max Flap/Slats extended altitude
20,000 MSL
Do not use Speed Brake:
FAF or 1500 (whichever is lower)

1000 ft AGL
Threshold no-option Fuel

800 lbs

1100 lbs
Min/Max Fuel Temp (Jet A)
-37 +49
Brake Cooling Time
If less than 74 minutes
OK to Taxi
Brake Cooling Time
If more than 74 minutes
Do Not Taxi

Do Not set parking brake
Minimum Tire Pressure-Nose

145 PSI

160 PSI
Minimum Tire Pressure-Main

180 PSI

200 PSI
Autoland-Max Headwind
25 Kts
Autoland-Max Tailwind
10 Kts
Autoland- Max Crosswind (other than CAT II/III)
25 Kts
Autoland-Max Crosswind
15 Kts
Autopilot engaged after takeoff/go around
800 ft AGL
Autopilot use on Single Autopilot approach
50 ft below DA/MDA but not less than 50 ft AGL
Severe Turbulence

10,000 feet and above

Below 10,000 Ft
290 KIAS/.78 Mach

250 KIAS
How does Flaps 1 differ between the 757 and 767
757-Flaps & Slats extended

767-Only slats extended. Flaps extend at position 5
What EEC modes are available in channel A or B

Which airplane incorporates the PES?
What does the PES consist of?
HYD motor in R HYD SYS using trapped L HYD SYS fluid (trims at 1/4 rate)
Which trim system is available using the PES?
Only EEC trim switches on yoke.

How many spoiler panels are on each wing?
6 panels total

How many spoilers are used for roll at low speeds?
All 6

How many spoilers are used for roll at high speeds?

For spoiler and aileron use, how is low and high speeds determined?
High/low speed determined in conjunction with aileron lockout speeds.
Note: 5 spoilers on each wing operate as speed brakes in flight regardless of airspeed.

When do the outboard ailerons lock and unlock/
Lock: Above 280 TAS

Unlock: Below 240 TAS
767 FUEL CONFIG light indicates.....
1) Center tank more than 1200 with Center switches OFF

2) Lateral imbalance of 2000

3) either Main below 2200
The Best vantage point from the cabin when making a visual check of the wing surfaces is from.....
757 - 1st window aft of doors 2 L/R

767-60K - 3rd window forward of mid-cabin lavatory
Pitch attitude at touchdown should be.......
757- 5-6 degrees

767 - 5-6 degrees
Landing Gear Limit Speeds
Retraction -

Extension -

Extension - 270KIAS/,82M
Landing Gear Limit Speeds for Alternate system...

Extension -
Extension - 250KIAS/.82
Max ZFW 767-60K
what is the backup to prevent uncontrolled engine acceleration?
If engine exceeds 117% N1 or 110.3% N2, fuel flow is reduced to minimum settung and locked. Flameout will be likely at low altitude
Basic components of EEC, and the "flow" from throttle to engine.
-Dual Channel A &B Full authority
-A&B channels are identical
-No Hydromechanical backup
-No mechanical linkage between throttle and EEC
-1 channel must be operatingh
-EEC is "middle man" between Throttle and Engine Fuel Control.

When will the Automatic Reserve Brakes and Steering system activate?

What is the purpose of this automatic feature?
When C HTD reservoir drops below 50%

Purpose: Prevents loss of C HYD reserve fluid, should there be any delay in pushing the RESERVE BKS & STRG switch. Reserves dedicated C HYD fluid for C HYD ELEC 1 pump. Pump output will be restricted to Brakes & NWS.

Besides low system pressure and during "High Load" activation, when else will the C HYD Air demand pump auto-operate?
During HMG operation
Describe the Stall Warning System on the 767.
With flaps/slats retracted......
First, stick shaker, then if AOA increases, or stick shaker operates for several seconds, stick pusher activates.

(recall the 757 has stick shaker, then Autoslat operation)

What should the crew be prepared to see during a HMG only GO-around
Blanking of Capt HSI and ADI....will need to use STBY instruments.

The Auto feature of the C HYD Air demand pump is inhibited when?
if Wing A/I is ON

Note: if WING A/I ON, with no high loads, the pump will operate if low system pressure is detected.

BLEED light indicates...

BLD OVHT light indicates....
BLEED: HPSOV failed full open

BLD OVHT: HPSOV closed due to overtemp

Number of idle speeds
Ground & Approach

Which HYD pump operates regardless of switch position, when the RESERVE BKS & STRG switch is activated?
767 inboard ailerons

Why were they designed to be driven down?

How far are they driven down
To change body angle.....better Approach visibility

they are driven down 50%
N1 Breakaway
35% N1
With the wheels on the runway, and the main landing gear struts extended, aft fuselage contact will occur at what pitch attitude?
757 - 12.2 degrees

767 - 9.5 degrees
Define abnormal engine start.
-No EGT rise within 20 seconds after moving fuel control switch to RUN
-No N1 increase by 40% N2
-No oil pressure increase before fuel control switch to RUN
-High initial fuel flow, or EGT rapidly approaching start limit
-Hung start - stabilized idle not attained within 90 seconds (757) or 120 seconds (767)
-Engine fuel valve, or fuel spar valve fails to open
-EICAS engine display disruption
North/South Latitude IRS restrictions
Do not operate in IFR conditions, or at night into airports north of 73 North and South of 60 when the APT NAV aids are referenced to MAG NORTH
STAB TRIM light on indicates.......
1) One STAB brake did not release and
2)Trim rate is 1/2 normal rate
UNSCHED STAB TRIM light on indicates.....
1)Stab trim movement without signal from switches. Mach/speed trim,
Stab trim movement opposite of signal from switches, Mach/speed trim, or A/P
RUDDER RATIO light on indicates....
1)Ratio failure
2)SYS reverts to full authority
3)HYD flow reduced to prevent damage
TO CONFIG warning activates when......
Either engine accelerated to TO thrust, and
-Slats not in T-O position
-Flaps not in T-O position
-Flaps or slats disagrees with handle
-STAB not in TO range
-Speed brake lever not in DOWN detent
-Parking brake set
With AC power available, which fule pump will the APU automatically start and use regardless of pump switch position?

With APU running in flight, can this pump be turned OFF with the switch?

How is fire detected in the CARGO compartments?
1 or 2 fans draw air from compartment through 2 smoke detectors, normally both detectors must detect smoke to activate warning.
How many fire detector loops on each engine?

On the APU?

Are the loops continuously monitored for faults?
Engine - 2

APU - 2

Engine and APU are continuously monitored for faults

Note: If the system has reconfigured for single loop detection, that loop will activate a fire warning.
When are the fire warning bell & Master warning lights for fire inhibited?
From nose strut extension to 400RA,
From nose strut extension plus 20 seconds

(Whichever comes first)
During flight, if 1 Cargo fan fails, the other starts automatically. Will ther eba nay cockpit indication?
No cockpit indication
Is the cargo fire detection system continuously monitored for faults?
No cargo fire detection is not continuously monitored.
when is the Cargo system tested for faults?
System is tested once at initial power-up, or manual test with fire test switch.
What and where is the backup source of fuel pressure to start the APU?

When will this backup source operate?
DC PUMP in the L tank

Auto operates when no AC power is available (with BAT switch ON & APU switch to ON or START.
AUTO SPD BRK light on indicates......
-fault in System
-If armed, may not auto extend on LDG
-If armed, may extend in FLT.
SPEED BRAKES light on indicates.....
-Lever is aft of ARMED and aircraft below 800RA and above 15 RA
-Lever is aft of ARMED and LDG flaps extended above 15 RA
757 FUEL CONFIG light indicates...
1) Center tank more than 1200 Center pumps OFF
2) Imbalance of 1800 lbs
3) Either Main tank below 2200

The BLEED light indicates....
Bleed closed due to overtemp
The HI STAGE light indicates...
Bleed due to overpressure
PACK OFF light
1) Pack selector is OFF

2) Loss of air to the pack

Is the ENG A/I valve located upstream or downstream of the ENG BLEED valve

757-Downstream...ENGIN A/I is not available with associated ENG BLEED closed, unless air is provided from another source

767-Upstream - ENG A/I is not depemdant on ENG BLEED valve position

What happens if the L RECIRC fan is turned off, or fails in flight?
The overboard exhaust valve opens, and an OVBD EX VAL OPEN status message is displayed
Oxygen masks automatically drop at waht cabin altitiude?
14,000 ft
Once activated, how long will Pax O2 last?
Approx 12 minutes
How is Pax O2 shutoff?
Cannot be shutoff
BUS TIE switches in AUTO arms the AC busses to be powered automatically in what system priority?
1) Associated GEN
3) Opposite GEN
What bus powers both Battery chargers?
What busses shed during inflight ENG SHUTDOWN?
1) Both Utilities
2) All Galleys
3) Plus additionals (cabin lighting etc)
For Autobrakes to engage on RTO...
throttles to idle if above 80 kts
For speed brakes to engage on landing....
-Hydraulic pressure to gear tilt actuator
-no tilt is sensed
-throttles to idle
If necessary, what enables the DC BTB to operate?
Both BUS TIE switches must be in AUTO
DC FAIL light on IRS MODE SEL panel indicates.....
-DC back up power is not available
-IRU will continue to operate normally with AC power
How many Symbol Generators/
How many FCC's
Why is it a good idea to start the APU before AUTOLAND?
Allows BTB to close if one main AC bus fails below 200 RA
When are the AC bus tie breakers inhibited from closing?
APU not operating and below 200 RA during Autoland
How are the EEC's powered?
Engine driven Permanent magnet alternators.
Max Flaps/Slats extended altitude?
Minimum oil temperature for take-off?
50 C
ANTISKID light on indicates...
-Fault in active Antiskid SYS
-May have partial Antiskid
-Light deactivated with PARKING BRAKE set
Number of Hydraulic Standpipes


757 - 3 standpipes for reserve fluid
-Left reservoir -PTU
-Center reservoir -RAT
-Right reservoir - Normal brakes (through reserve system)

767 - 1 standpipe for reserve fluid
-Center reservoir - Reserve Brakes & Steering
Purpose of RAT...

When is it armed...

When will it deploy...

Minimum airspeed using RAT..
-Pressurize the flight control portion of teh C HYD SYS

-Armed on the ground at 80 kts, or anytime in flight

-Auto deploys with dual engine failure

-Good down to 130 kts
What is the purpose of the PTU?
Augments L HYD ELEC pump to operate gear, flaps, slats, and NWS
Landing CONFIG warning activates when....
Any landing gear not down and locked and:
-A/C at or below 800 AGL with either throttle in idle,
-Landing Flaps selected
During prolonged Ground operations in icing conditions, how is accumulated engine ice removed?
By advancing thrust (one engine at a time) momentarily to 50% n1 every 15 minutes.
Starter Duty Cycles...
Normal start attempts...

Re-engagement RPM..
0% N2

Maintenance must be contacted if second start attempt fails
PULL-UP light indicates....
excessive terrain closure with gear and flaps not in LDG position,
Excessive descent rate
757 EQUIP OVHT light illuminated indicates.....
FWD supply fan failed

Overboard exhaust valve did not open when L RECIRC fan stopped

Smoke detected in cooling system for more than 5 minutes

Low airflow in coolong system on the GRD (GRD crew horn sounds)
The 757 has 3 idle speeds...GRD, FLT, and APPR.
When is APPR idle activated?
Eng A/I ON,

or Flaps beyond 20

What does ENG LIM PROT light indicate?
N2 is controlling fuel flow paramaters. Automatic limit protection is lost.
Where are the Engine Overheat detection sensors located?
Upper engine/pylon area
The APU fault light indicates...
APU shutdown due to a fault,
APU fuel valve is not in the proper position
Pulling the APU Fire Shutoff Handle will.....
1) Initiate APU shutdown, if auto-shutdown failed, bypassing the 90 second cooldown,

2) Arms the bottle

3) Silences the fire bell 9and external horn)

What is the backup to prevent uncontrolled engine acceleration?
if N2 reaches 105%, the FCU reduces N2 to 85% and locks the engine at that speed.

Throttle control is regained by shutdown & restart of engine.
What does an illuminated FAULT light on the IRS MODE SEL indicate?

If this occurs during flight, is the IRU usable?
1) Fault in IRU could cause erroneous output

2) Failure of IRU if on during alignment or in ATT mode

(If in flight, IRU may be usable in ATT mode)
EMER DOORS light on indicates.....

ACCESS DOORS light on indicates.......
1) Either overwing exit not closed and locked
2) Either wing slide not closed & locked

1)Radar bay door not closed & locked
2) FWD E/E door not closed & locked
With EMER LIGHTS armed, what will activate the emergency lights?
1)Power to the associated charging bus is lost.

2) Exit is opened with slide armed
How many overwing exits


757 - 4

767 - 4
If the PACK OFF and PACK INOP lights are illuminated, this indicates....
Pack has shutdown due to excessive compressor outlet temperature
If only the PACK INOP light is illuminated, this indicates....
1) Excessive pack outlet temp


2) Fault in AUTO control system
Any PITOT light on indicates....

AOA/TAT light indicates..
1) No or improper heat

2)No or improper heat
When are the Center Fuel Pumps normally inhibited from operating?
When the associated Engine N2 is less than 50%
Min Temp for JET A Fuel

Max Temp

Max Tailwind for Takeoff & Landing
10 knots
MACH SPD TRIM light on
Fault in SYS
SPOILERS light on
One or more spoiler panels failed to respond when signaled
A?P DISC light on indicates
Disengages by a fault
Control Wheel disconnect
System Fault
Throttle Disconnect
A/T ARM switch to OFF
raising reverse levers to interlock
Engine RPM fall below EEC activation speed
Loss of heat to TAT probe or both AOA probes
OVSPD light
A?C has exceeded VMO/MMO
cabin has exceeded 10,000
(light goes out at 8500)
767-300 Max takeoff weight
757 Max takeoff weight
When is the #2 CTR HYD pump inhibited on the:
757 767
757: When only 1 GEN or EXT PWR is supplying electrical PWR and both CTR SYS pump switches are in ON position.

767: When only 1 GEN or EXT PWR is supplying electrical PWR and the other 3 ELEC HYD pumps are operating.
During flight, the RUDDER RATIO light illuminates, what actions automattically occurred.
Rudder ratio changer depressurizes to low speed/full authority and actuator depressurizes 1 channel
During HMG operation, how are the three IRU's powered?
L-Left AC transfer bus
C-Hot Battery bus
R-Hot battery bus for 5 minutes, then auto shutdown
Which airplane uses Mach/speed trim system?

When does the system operate?

When is it inhibited?

Operates 20 seconds after liftoff with no other commands to STAB

Inhibited during trim inputs & A/P engagement.
The alternate gear extension gets its fluid from?

Can it be extended without electrical power?
Left Hydraulic System

Must have electric power
During Alternate Flap/Slat extension, is assymetry protection provided?
Is provided for LE Slats, but NOT for TE Flaps
"Autopilot" Light indicates
-the engaged A/P's are operating in a degraded mode, such as:
-loss of G/S or LOC signal
-V/S engaged without being selected
-AOA exceeding 6 degrees in V/S, ALT CAP or ALT HOLD
757-Which HYD pump operates regardless of switch position when the RESERVE BRAKES switch is activated?
ER Aircraft - What buses are powered by the HMG?

Flashing ALIGN lights on the IRS MODE SEL panel indicate...
1) Fault in alignment process
2)Initial position not entered
3) Excessive disparity between entered & last position recorded in IRU memory
4) A/C is moving before alignment is complete
NON-ER - On the IRS MODE SEL panel, all three ON DC lights illuminated indicate...
1) All IRU's on DC Power
2) L and C run 5 minutes then shutdown
3) R operates until dead battery

If L and C shutdown, present position not stored in memory
757 - Which modes will the EEC provide thrust limit protection?

No EGT overtemp protection
ER Aircraft - During HMG operation, the Capt RDMI switches to the ______ IRU
Primary and secondary power sources for STBY DC and AC
Primary: L main AC & DC
Secondary: Battery
ER Aircraft: Power sources, in priority for STBY AC and STBY DC
2) battery (via static inverter)

1) L main DC
2) HMG
3) Battery
Engine Ignition must be operating during:
-Heavy Precip
-MDT or SVR turbulence
-Volcanic Ash encounter
The STBY POWER OFF light indicates
Either or both STBY BUSES are unpowered
What will arm the system for ENG START load shedding?

Load Shedding for ENG START

How are busses reset?
1) APU supplying Electrical AND Pneumatics

2) Both Utilities, All galleys

3) Auto-reset
What buses are powered by the Battery & STBY power system?
If the VMO flag appears, the VMO pointer moves to ______
260 KTS
At least one triple A/P APPR and Autoland should be made and recorded within the last ____ days to maintain CAT lll status
______ days to maintain CAT ll status

With the YD switch to ON, will an INOP light shut off HYD power to the YD?
Flap load relief system:
757: with flaps selected to ___, the flaps blow back to ___

767- With flaps selected to ___ the flaps blow back to ___
757: 30 TO 25

767: 30 or 25 to 20
With the speed brake lever in the ARMED position, the GRD spoilers auto-extend upon LDG if.....
-HYD pressure to LDG gear truck tilt actuators
-No-tilt condition on the GRD
-Both throttles idle
757 - When is the PTU automatically activated?

When is the PTU inhibited?
Automatically activated if L ENG fails or L ENG HYD pump pressure is low

Inhibited if R ENG is not operating
Why does the APU need the battery switych to be on, while on the ground, but not in the air?
The airplane battery supplies power for APU fire protection and with no other power available on the ground, fire protection would not be available if the battery switch wasn't on.
The ALTERNATE BRAKE system has all the capabilities of the NORMAL BRAKE System, except:
Autobrakes are not available
ER Aircraft - When will the HMG auto-start?
Loss of both main AC buses
757 - How many spoiler panels on each wing, and how many are used for roll control?

for Speed brakes?
6 panels each wing

5 used for roll & speed brakes

Spoilers 4 and 9 Ground use only
For autobrakes to engage when landing...
-Both throttles at idle
-main gear trucks untilt
-wheel spinup
-airplane pitch 1 degree or less
What will activate the AUTOSLAT system?

Which airplane?
757 only

1- Slats in T-O position
2 - Left HYD system pressurized
3 - Stall warning

Slats extend to LDG position. When the warning ceases, slats retract to T-O position.
There is no AUTOSLAT with ALT FLAP system.
If a spoiler panel loses HYD pressure, will the spoiler float, or lockdown?
Lock Down
What is required for the YD to initiate a successful self test?
YD switch to ON and 1 IRS in NAV mode