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What do you call failure of the heart as a pump?
Congestive heart failure
What do you call failure of the blood as a liquid organ?
Thrombosis or embolism
what do you call failure of the vasculature as a container?
What do you call failure od the vasculature as a distribution system?
What clues can account for the fact that certain countries like France and certain groups like Eskimos have lower deaths due to Cardiovascular Disease vs. the US?
1. French: Mediterranean diet, wine
2. Eskimos: Fish diet
How many pumps does the heart have?
2 Pumps that work in a series
What are some special properties of the LEFT side of the heart?
1. pumps harder
2. requires more Energy and muscle
3. higher risk for disease
Do both sides (i.e pumps) of the heart pump the same VOLUME of blood?
What are the two components of the Cardiac Cycle?
1. Diastole: relaxation and refilling
2. Systole: Ejection
What is the peack volume the heart contains during Diastole?
105 mL
How much blood enters the heart from the periphery @ Diastole?
70 mL
How much blood leaves the heart into the periphery @ Systole?
70 mL
What volume of blood remains in the heart at all times?
35 mL
How long does relaxation or Distole take?
0.5 seconds or 2/3 of entire cycle
How long does contraction or systole take?
0.3 seconds