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What do Macrophages release?
Cytokines: IL-1, TNF-alpha, IL-6, CXCL-8
What does IL-1 produce?
What does IL-1 and TNF-alpha do aside from causing FEVER?
activate Vascular epithelium (access to effector cells), tissue destruction
What does IL-1 and IL-6 do?
activate LYMPHOCYTES and increase production of liver proteins (fibrinogen, *Mannos Lectin, *C-ractive Protein) *opsonization
What does IL-12 tell us about the infection?
that its bad! at this point IL-12 activate NK cells and TH-1 cells
What Cytokine released from the spleen and liver because of gran-negative bacteria cause SEPSIS?
Anti-TNF (Enbrel) drug that targets TNF Receptor 1 is targeted at what disease?
Rheumatoid Arthritis
What is the side effect of Anti-TNF (Enbrel) therapy?
suseptability to TB and Lymphoma
What effect does Enbrel have on Multiple Sclerosis Patients?
It makes it worse because Enbrel blocks production of myelin in the brain via TNF receptor 2
What activtes endothelial eNOS?
What causes macrophage iNOS activation?
eNOS and iNOS make NO, what does NO activate?
smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation
eNOS and iNOS make NO, what does NO inhibit?
inflamation (mast cells, Leukocyte recruitment), adhesion of leukocytes and platelets to b.v.
What does cytokine CXCL-8 bring to the site of infection?
Basophils, NEUTROPHILS, T cells
What does CC bring to the site of infection?