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Which lipid mediators of inflamation that are quick, short lived and act locally called Autocoids?
Arachidonic Acid
What lipid mediators of inflamation are considered Eicosanoids?
1. 5-HPETE
2. Prostaglandins
What inhibits and activated 5-Lipooxygenase?
Activates: C5a
Inhibits: Zileuton
What inhibits LT's synthesised in the Platelet?
What are Leukotrines associated with?
Asthma, inflamatory bowl disease, Glomerulophrenitis
How do you inhibit Lipoxins?
Block cell-to-cell adhesion
What is the key to Leukotrine and lipoxin synthesis?
cell-to-cell interaction
What cells are associated with Leukotrines?
Mast cells, Leukocytes (granulocytes)
What cells are associated with Prostaglandins?
Leukocytes, Platelets, endothelial cells