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To adorn, especially in a cheap, showy manner; festoon, caparison
Bedizen (v)
The bed is cheap;
To give a false impression of, to misrepresent
Belie (v)
Be lie = false impression/misprepresentation
Belligerent, pugnacious, warlike
Bellicose (adj)
Bell is close to war.
leaning, inclination, procivity, tendency
Bent (n)
leaning tendency
To coax, with flattery, toady or fawn
Blandish (v)
A bland dish will take coaxing to eat.
Carefree, merry
Blithe (adj)
Be lite or carfree and marry
Loud, noisy, rough, lacking restraint
Boisterous (adj)
Boys to us are loud and noisy without restraint
To provide support or reinforcement
Bolster (v)
Bolts provide support and reinforcement
pompous; grandiloquent
Bombastic (adj)
Bombaski was pompous
Rude or insensitive person; lout; yokel
Boor (n)
Sue Boor is not rude or insenstive
Bring up, announce, begin to talk about
Broach (v)
I brought up and talked about Bro's aches
To tolerate, endure, countenance
Brook (v)
I tolerate Brook Leaonard
Rustic and pastoral; characteristic or rural areas and their inhabitants
Bucolic (adj)
Bucks colic was due to living in a rural area
To grow rapidly or flourish
Burgeon (v)
Bugs on poop flourish and grow rapidly
To polish, rub to a shine
Burnish (v)
Burn the silver pan and you will have to polish it or shine it back up