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behemoth (n.)
something of tremendous power or size (The new aircraft carrier is
among several behemoths that the Air Force has added to its fleet.)
bereft (adj.)
devoid of, without (His family was bereft of food and shelter following the
blandish (v.)
to coax by using flattery (Rachel’s assistant tried to blandish her into
accepting the deal.)
bombastic (adj.)
excessively confident, pompous (The singer’s bombastic performance
disgusted the crowd.)
cacophony (n
.) tremendous noise, disharmonious sound (The elementary school
orchestra created a cacophony at the recital.)
calibrate (v.)
to set, standardize (The mechanic calibrated the car’s transmission to
make the motor run most efficiently.)
calumny (n.) the election.)
an attempt to spoil someone else’s reputation by spreading lies (The local
official’s calumny ended up ruining his opponent’s prospect of winning
candor (n.)
honesty, frankness
carp (v.)
to annoy, pester (The husband divorced his wife after listening to her carping
voice for decades.)
catalyze (v.)
to charge, inspire (The president’s speech catalyzed the nation and
resuscitated the economy.)
circumscribed (adj.)
marked off, bounded (The children were permitted to play tag
only within a carefully circumscribed area of the lawn.)
concomitant (adj.)
accompanying in a subordinate fashion (His dislike of hard work
carried with it a concomitant lack of funds.)
confluence (n.)
a gathering together (A confluence of different factors made tonight the
perfect night.)
constituent (n.)
an essential part (The most important constituent of her perfume is
something called ambergris.)
contrite (adj.)
penitent, eager to be forgiven (Blake’s contrite behavior made it
impossible to stay angry at him.)
convivial (adj.)
characterized by feasting, drinking, merriment (The restaurant’s
convivial atmosphere put me immediately at ease.)
corroborate (v.)
to support with evidence (Luke’s seemingly outrageous claim was
corroborated by witnesses.)