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One century ago Asias choice was clear, ______ or be conquered by the western powers.
By 1615, ________ had defeated his enemies and declared himself Shogun, ruler of all Japan.
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Ieyasu divided society into four ranks - _________ , _________ , _______ , _______.
Merchants, Artisans, Farmers, Samurai.
After 200 years of peace the samurai of the Tokugawa shogunate had become _________, not warriors.
civil servants.
Man samurai _______ to the merchants by the end of the tokugawa period.
went into debt.
Merchants, once at the ottom of the congucian siciety, became powerful as Japans barter economy gave way to __________.
money economy.
The rising power of the merchants turned Japans society upside down. The Society was ready to explode and the coming of _________ in 1853 struck the spark.
Comodore Perry.
Perry sent a clear message, if the japanese didnt open their country Perry would open it ________.
by force
The _____ , _____ , ______, and _____ quickly followed Perry into Japan.
russians, british, french, and dutch.
In southwestern Japan the provinces of ________ and _______ were centers of Anti-western thought.
satsuma - choshu
The Shishi were furious the shogun had ________ with barbarians without consulting emperor.
The great slogan for the time was Sonno Joi which meant ________ and ________
we fear the emperor and expel foreignors.
the ______ killed foreigners and attacked western ships.
a radical intellectual of Choshu named ___________ taught to drive the barbarians out.
Yoshida Shoin
Yoshidas greatest student was _______________
Ito Hirobuni
Many of the pupils of Yoshuida Shoin traveked to ______
the west
by the 1860's the japanese were shocked to find that _____ had become dominated and controlled by western powers.
The humbling of china propelled the __________ into action.
by 1860 japan had plunged into a state of __________.
civil war.
________ both for and against the shogunate staged _________
terrorism / series of ascendance
in 1867 ______________ lead a Choshu-Satsuma alliance
Saigo Takamoni
the choshu - satsuma army then marched into ___ , renamed it _____
edo / tokyo
he became a ______, that in 40 years......
the reforms of the meiji government were created by a group of _____________.
young samurai
these yound samurai issued orders to the people to ___________ and _____ system
create publuc education and draft system.
__________ challenged these programs of the Meiji leaders.
The hardest that the leaders had to do was destroy their own class, _____ who had lived......
General Saigo Takamori argued for a plan to employ the samurai by invading _______
when the government leaders abolished ........ in what was called the _______________
satsuma rebellion.
after Saidos armor of samurai was defeated by conscruipted soldiers, saigo comitted _____ or ritual suicide. The death of saigo symbolized the death of the samurai class and the ______________
seppuku / beginning of meiji transformation
____________ who had travelled extensively......
Fukazawa Yukizhi
The clock, electricity, machinery, etc...
in _____ the japanese looked to copy everything western.
the _________ endured the abuse of g overnment officials......