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The continuous improvement of aviation material readiness and safety through the efficient use of resources is an objective of what program?
The NAMP has how many volumes?
What volume of the NAMP outlines procedure for organizational and intermediate maintenance levels?
Volume I
What volume of the NAMP outline the Maintenance Data System?
Volume III
Maintaining assigned aircraft in a state of full mission capability is the objective of what department in an operating unit or activity?
what three levels of maintenance are used within the navy?
Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot
What type of maintenance does the operating unit preform on a day-to-day basis in support of its own operations?
What two types of maintenance are performed within the Naval Establishment?
Rework and upkeep
Who is responsible to the CO for the accomplishment of the maintenance departments mission?
Maintenance officer
Providing clerical and administrative services to the department is a function of what work center?
Maintenance Administration
The prevention of the occurance of defects is a concept of what work center?
Quality Assurance
What officer is responsible for the overall productive effort and material support of the maintenance department?
Maintenance Material Control officer
What work center in an OMA is the nerve center of the entire maintenance department?
Maintenance control
What work center is responsible for ensuring that parts, tools, and materials are available to production divisions in a timely manner?
Material control
What level of maintenance has the promary responsiblity of supporting and supplementing the work of OMAs?
Intermediate level
In an IMA, what work center controls the departments classified material?
Maintenance Administration
What unit in an IMA coordinates the screening of materials and parts to determine repair responsibility and capability?
Aeronautical material screening unit (AMSU)
What type of publication contains a schedule of forced removal items and their replacement intervals and a record of applicable technical directives?
Periodic Maintenance Information Cards (PMICs)
What type of publication covers minimum daily inspection requirements for servicing and the performance of special and conditional inspections?
Maintenance requirements cards (MRCs)
What are the two technical publication numbering systems that are used within the navy?
The older Navy (NAVAIR)Technical Manual Numbering System & the more recent Technical Manual Identification Numbering System (TMINS).
What technical publication numbering system is patterned after the 13-digit national stock number?
Technical Manual Identification Numbering System (TMINS)
What publication is the primary index for requisitioning all navy publicaitons, forms, technical directives, and departmental directives stocked at the Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna Pennsylnavia (DDSP)?
Navy stock list of publications, forms and directives, NAVSUP pub 2002.
What publication contains a listing of published and distributed NAVAIR technical directives as they apply to a particular aircraft?
Equipment Applicability List, NAVAIR 00-500C.
What document is used to direct the accomplishment and recording of modifications and onetime inspections of weapon system?
what type of change should be used to cancel an existing technical directive?
After amandment c has been applied to a technical directive, what action must occur if the TD is to be further changed?
A revision
What process is used to remove a TD from active files?
What information summary contains a weekly list of TDs that have been issued?
Weekly Summary of Issued TDs.
What division manages the CTPL?
Quality Assurance
What are the two different types of libraries established within a command?
To what publication should you refer for detailed information on technical library establishment and operating procedures?
NAVAIR 00-25-100
COs of newly commissioned aviation maintenance activities should submit a letter requesting an initial outfitting of technical publications to what activity?
What listing lists the technical publications for which automatic distribution to a particular activity has been established?
Automatic Distribution Requirements Listing (ADRL)
What listing should be updated if your activity needs to increase its distribution requirements for a technical publication from three to five copies?
Automatic Distribution Requirements Listing (ADRL)
What minimum information must appear on the Technical Publication library stamp?
Activity, copy number, and location
What does the transaction file show about a CTPL?
The complete status of the CTPL
A revision to a publication is issued when over what percent of its pages are affected by the change?
60 percent
What type of rapid action shange is usually prepared in naval message format?
When an IRAC is received and after the applicable annotation has been made, what should be the diposition of the IRAC?
Placed directly behind title page of the publication
What does IRAC stand for?
Interim Rapid Action Change
What document should you use to verify that all IRACs that have been issued have been received?
The IRAC tracker
A pen-and-ink change is the authorized method of identifying a change to a NAVAIR technical publication. (True or False)
What page in a technical publication lists all the previous pages in the publication that have been affected by past and present changes?
List of effective pages
What form is used as a record by the CTPL to ensure that changes and revisions to technical publications have been issued to dispersed libraries?
Change Entry Certification Record (CECR)
How many working days are allowed for the incorporation of an IRAC?
2 working days
What part of the Change Entry Certification Record (CECR) is removed from the technical publication library tickler file after a change has been incorporated into a technical publication?
Part I
What basic navy security directive outlines procedures for safeguarding classified information?
DON Information Security Program (ISP) SECNAVINST 5510.36
At least how often should a dispersed technical publication library be audited?
What program establishes requirements for reporting substandard workmanship, deficiencies in material and techinical publications, and improper quality assurance procedures?
Naval Aviation Maintenance Discrepancy Reporting Program (NAMDRP)
What report should be used to report discrepancies in new or newly reworked aviation material?
Quality Deficiency Report (QDR)
What report should be used to report discrepancies in an aviation technical publication that include incorrect part numbers or incorrect operating procedures?
Technical Publication deficiency report (TPDR)
What form is used to report difiiciencies in NATOPS manuals?
NATOPS/Tactical Change Recommendation Form, OPNAV Form 3710/6
What report should be submitted to report a deficiency in an aviation technical puclication that, if not corrected, could result in death or injury to personnel?
Category 1 technical publication deficiency report (CAT 1 TPDR)
A category 2 technical publication deficiency report (CAT 2 TPDR) should be used to report what type of technical publication deficiency?
A routine deficiency
A valid category 1 technical pub deficiency report (CAT 1 TPDR) or category 2 technical pub deficiency report (CAT 2 TPDR) may be used to alter the technical content of NAVAIR technical pubs. (True or False)
What management information system is designed to provide statistical data on aeronautical equipment for use at all maintenance levels?
Maintenance Data Systems (MDS)
What reporting system is used to report all supply actions that support A/C maintenance?
Material Reporting
What MDS reporting subsystem involves the mosst complex and widest range of data in the MDS?
Maintenance Data Reporting
What maintenance data report is devided into 3 sections, contains data in part i that has no errors, and is considered valid?
MAF copy 1 Daily Audit Report
What maintenance data report is a detailed list of TD compliance during a reporting period?
MDR 4-1
What NALCOMIS report provides a listing of all outstanding mafs for a specific A/C or equipment?
Aircraft/Equipment Workload Report
What subsystem provides info about A/C and equipment inventory, subsystem performance, and A/C and equipment mission capability?
Subsystem Capability Impact Reporting (SCIR)
What is indicated by an inventory status code?
The staus fo an A/C or equipment at the time of inventory
Submission of an A/C inventory maf is required whenever an A/C is gained or lost from a reporting custodians inventory. On what other occasion is an A/C inventory maf required?
Change in Material Condition Reporting Status (MCRS)
What MDR reflects the A/C or equipment that was gained into an activity inventory during the previous period?
Equipment Master Roster (E-00)
What work center updates the Equipment Master Roster (E-00)?
Maintenance Control
What SCIR report lists the total number of hours that equipment was limited from performing its intended mission during a reporting period?
Monthly Equipment Discrepancy and Utilization Report (SCIR-3)
The content of monthly maintenance summaries should be based on what type of info?
What maintenance managers need to know
What document provides a scheduled control of the predictable workload for an aviation maintenance avtivity?
Monthly maintenance plan (MMP)
In aviation OMAs, when is the MMP due?
Not later than the 25th of the month prior to the month it applies
What does MMP stand for?
Monthly Maintenance Plan
What does AIRS stand for?
Aircraft Inventory reporting system
What does MDS stand for?
Maintenance Data Systems
What is the first volume of the NAMP?
Intermediate and Organizational Level
What is the second volume of the NAMP?
Depot Level
What type of work request form is used by a supported aviation activity to request work from a supporting aviation IMA for work that is beyond the capability of the requesting activity?
MAF Work Request, OPNAV Form 4790/60
What type of work request form is used by an IMA or supply department to request work from a depot-level maintenance facility?
Work Request Customer Service, OPNAV 4790/36A
What material condition describes an A/C that is not capable of performing any of its intended missions due to a lack of parts or materials?
Not Mission Capable Supply (NMCS)
What report will provide the needed information to the ACC and TYCOM?
Aircraft material readiness report (AMRR)
Whenever oil analysis is initiated, terminated, or the monitoring laboratory changes, an entry should make in what A/C logbook or AESR?
What does AESR stand for?
Aeronautical Equipment Service Record
What type of flight is conducted to determine if an A/C and its installed equipment are functioning properly in its intended environment in accordance with established standards?
Functional check flight (FCF)
An ADB provides maintenance and aircrew personnel with a comprehensive chronology of fllights that flown and maintenance that was performed on A/C for what period?
Last 10 flights
Oncee initiated, how long should a discrepancy MAF remain on the right side of an ADB?
Until the discrepancy is completed
What level of maintenance has responsbility for functions that are related to adjustments, removal and replacements of parts, and periodic maintenance of support equipment?
Intermediate maintenance activity (IMA)
Records are kept on the acceptance, transfer, and custody of SE. Records are also kept on the rework, preservation, and depreservation of SE. Further, records are kept of TDs and the miscellaneous history of SE. On what record is this information concerning SE recorded?
SE Custody and Maintenance History Record, OPNAV 4790/51.
To what publication should you refer for detailed intructions on the Aircraft Inventory Reporting System?
Aircraft Inventory Reporting System (AIRS), OPNAVINST 5442.2
What report is used to record instances of aircraft custody changes, status changes, inventory changes, and service life factors?
Items A through F, and V are required on all OPNAV XRAY reports except part 1, change of location reports. What other element is required on all OPNAV XRAY reports?
What "info" addressee must appear on all OPNAV XRAY reports?
What items of information make up the "subj" line of an OPNAV XRAY report?
Controlling Custodian, the work XRAY, reporting custodian, serial number, and report symbol (OPNAV 5442-1)
The office of what official assigns and maintains the master bureau number listing?
How should the date 07Dec 96 appear in item Cof the OPNAV XRAY report?
What OPNAV XRAY Action codes are used to report changes in aircraft custody?
A, F, G, R, Y
What OPNAV XRAY Action code is used to report a change in aircraft model designation?
What OPNAV XRAY Status code should be ussed to describe an aircraft in the process of an Aircraft Service Period Adjustment (ASPA) inspection?
How many different categories of Strike Damage codes are used in aircraft inventory reporting?
What category of aircraft Strike and Damage code is used to report substantially damaged but repairable aircraft?
Item N on the OPNAV XRAY report is used to report the stimated completion date of any special or standard rework that is being perfomed. Another OPNAV XRAY report must be submitted that updates the previous estimated completion date when the estimated completion date changes by what minimum number of days?
2 days
You are stationed at NAS Miramar. When initiating an OPNAV XRAY report, what entry should you make for item V location?
What is the deadline for submission of corrected OPNAV XRAY reports?
Not later than 1200 hours the day after the error is discovered
When corrected OPNAV XRAY reports are submitted, what notation indicates that an item should be corrected deleted?
The word CORRECT or DELETE in item Z
All info required for submission of the Aircraft Accounting Audit Report should be obtained from what source?
Aircraft Record A Card
What is the retention requirement for Aircraft Record A cards of transferred or stricken aircraft?
12 months after strike or transfer of the aircraft
In what location should a copy of the current Aircraft Record A Card be placed upon transfer of the aircraft?
In the manila folder in the back inside cover of the aircraft logbook