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What type of mouth parts do cockroaches have?
Chewing mouth parts
How many types of mouth parts do insects generally have?
4 general types
Name the parts of insect mouths.
1. Chewing
2. Piercing-sucking
3. Sponging
4. Sucking
Name the types of eyes that insects have.
1. Compound
2. Simple
An inspect's body has _____ divisions.
3 divisions (regions)
Name the parts of the thorax.
1. Prothorax
2. Mesothorax
3. Metathorax
When an insect has 2 pairs of wings, which part of the thorax are they attached to?
1. Mesothorax
2. Metathorax
The abdomen of an insect is generally composed of ______ segments.
Eleven (11) segments
Name the basic parts of the digestive tube.
1. Foregut
2. Midgut
3. Hindgut
An insect breathes through _________.
What is the equivalent of the gizzard called in an insect?
Nerve centers are called ____________.
The color of insect muscles is ___________.
Transparent or yellowish-white
How many pairs of spiracles are usually found on the thorax?
2 pair
What are the four growth stages of insects?
1. No metamorphosis
2. Gradual metamorphosis
3. Incomplete metamorphosis
4. Complete metamorphosis
No metamorphosis growth stages are called _________.
Instars (no structural change except for size)
Name 4 insects that develop with no metamorphosis.
1. Silverfish
2. Firebrats
3. Sucking lice
4. Springtails
What are the stages of gradual metamorphosis?
1. Egg
2. Nymph
3. Adult
What are five examples of insects which use gradual metamorphosis?
1. cockroaches
2. crickets
3. centipedes
4. bedbugs
5. earwigs
What are the stages of incomplete metamorphosis?
1. Egg
2. Naiads
3. Adult
What are three examples of insects which use incomplete metamorphosis?
1. dragonflies
2. damselflies
3. kissing bugs
What are the stages of complete metamorphosis?
1. Egg
2. Larva
3. Pupa
4. Adult
What are five examples of insects which use complete metamorphosis?
1. moths
2. butterflies
3. mosquitoes
4. flies
5. bees