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What 2 key structures are housed in the temporal lobe?
Amygdala and hippocampus
What is a key function of the hippocampus?
What is a likely cortical structure that is affected in Alzheimer's dz
What gyri in the temporal is responsible for auditory?
Transverse gyri of Hessel
What lobe of the brain is responsible for vision
Occipital Lobe
What is housed in the precentral sulcus?
Where do the motor fibers of the precentral sulcus travel to?
corticospinal tract
Where do the fibers of the corticospinal tract cross?
What is Wallerian degeneration?
When an axon degenerates distal to a lesion
What protein is the priamry component of microtubules?
alpha and beta tubulin
Explain the polarity of a microtubule?
The + end faces the synaptic terminal

- end faces the cell body
What microtubule associated protein is implicated in Alzheimer's Dz?
HYperphosphorylate TAU
What is the primary protein that makes up microfilaments?
Actin which attach to akyrin and hold the channel in place
What is transported via FAST axonal transport?
Vesicles containing stuff for membrane renewl?
What are the 2 components transported in slow axonal transport?
A - cytoskeletal proteins like microtubules, microfilaments, neurofilaments

B -enzymes
What 2 factors is axonal transport dependent on?
microtubules and ATP
What protein is involved in anterograde movement toward the + end?
Kinesis - take out
What protein is involved in retrograde movement toward the - end?
Dinein - dine in
WHat are the 2 key pathological processes that appear in Alzheimer's?
- extracellular amyloid plaques
- Intracellular neurofibrillary tangles which contain Tau (MAP protein) in hyperphosphorylated form