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Bones in adult skeleton
two main divisions of skeleton
three components of axial skeleton
vertebral column
thoracic cage
two divisions of skull
facial bones
What is the bone of the forehead?
What cavities hold the eyeballs?
???What two large openings lie within these cavities?
superior and inferior orbital fissures
Synonym for brow ridges
supercilliary arches
What bones form the bridge of the nose?
nasal bones
What bones form the upper jaw, the lateral walls of the nasal cavity and the floor of the orbits
What cavities lie within these bones inferior to the orbits
infraorbital foramina
What bone forms the lower jaw?
What prominence on the mandible forms the chin?
Mental protuberance
what is the cavity of the nose?
nasal cavity
what prominence marks the nasal cavities anterior, inferior border
anterior nasal spine
What structure divides the nas calvity in left and right halves?
nasal septum
What scroll-shaped bones are visible on the inferior lateral walls of this cavity?
inferior nasal conchae
What is the bump on the midline of the posterior side of the skull?
external occipital protuberance
What movable articulation can be palpated just anterior to the external auditory canal?
temporomandibular joint
What bump on the bone occurs posterior to the ear?
mastoid process
what bone separates the cranial cavity and nasal cavity?
What two bones form the hard palate?
What are sutures?
immovable fibrous joints between cranial bones
What suture extends across the superior surface of the skull along a coronal plane?
coronal suture
What suture extends like an arc across the posterior surface of the skull?
lambdoid suture
What suture lies along the midline superiorly?
sagittal suture
What suture lies laterally between the parietal bone and temporal bone on each side?
squamosal suture
What bones may be found within sutures?
wormian bones
What is a synonym for "skullcap"
What bone forms part of the calvaria, the forehead, and the roof of the orbits?
frontal bone
What is a synonym for the brow ridges?
supercilliary arches
What cavities lie within the frontal bone?
frontal sinuses
What part of the temporal bone holds the middle and inner ear?
petrous region
What opening occurs in the petrous region for blood vessels and nerves?
internal auditory canal
What is the posterior region of the temporal bone?
mastoid region
What prominence in the mastoidregion lies posterior to the ear, serves as the insertion for the sternocleidomastoid, and contains air cells?
mastoid process
What region of the temporal bone surrounds the bony, external opening of the ear?
tympanic region
What thine point of bone in tympanic region serves as an attachment for several hyoid and tongue muscles?
styoid process
What opening does the facial nerve pass through on the inferior surface of the skull?
stylomastoid foramen
What opening does the internal carotid artery pass through here?
carotid canal
What region of the temporal bone forms the superior, lateral, flat area of the bone?
squamous region
What bony process projects anteriorlyfrom the flat region?
zygomatic process
what articulates with the mandible?
mandibular fossa
What is the opening for the ear?
external auditory canal
What is the flat, posterior region of the occipital bone?
squamous region
what region of the occipital bone forms the base of the cranium?
basilar region
What is the large, circular opening for the spinal cord?
foramen magnum
What are the smooth, rounded projections on the left and right sides of the foramen magnum?
occipital condyles
what is the opening for cranial nerve XII
hypoglossal canal
What superior, horizontal line projects laterally from the external occipital protuberance?
superior nuchal line
What is the thick, medial part of the sphenoid?
What cavities lie within the sphenoid?
sphenoid sinuses
What projections of the sphenoid lie superior to the superior orbital fissure?
lesser wings
What projection of the sphenoid lie inferior to the superior orbital fissure and can be seen in a lateral view of the skull?
greater wings
Within the sphenoid what is the depression holding the pituitary gland?
hypophyseal fossa
What is the bony enclosure of the hypophyseal fossa?
sella turcica
Through what opening of the sphenoid does the optic nerve pass?
optic foramen
What three foramina penetrate the greater wings of the sphenoid?
foramen rotundum
foramen ovale
foramen spinosum
What projections of the sphenoid provide attachment surfaces for some muscles that move the lower jaw and soft palate?
pterygoid processes
What is the superior, midsagittal elevation of the ethmoid?
crista galli
What horizontal structure of the ethmoid separates the cranial and nasal cavities?
cribriform plate
through what openings do the olfactory nerve pass?
cribriform foramina
what parts of the ethmoid hold the cavities?
lateral masses
What part of the ethmoid forms the medial wall of the orbits?
orbital plate
What scroll-like extensions of the ethmoid project medially into the nasal cavity?
superior and middle nasal conchae
what are the three cranial fossae?
What is a synonym for zygomatic bones?
What bony projections of the zygomatic bones contribute to the zygomatic arches?
temporal process
What other processes articulate the zygomatic bone with surrounding bones?
maxillary process
frontal process
where are the lacrimal bones located?
anteromedial orbit
What structures allow the passage of the nasolacrimal duct
lacrimal groove
The nasal bones form what facial feature
bridge of nose
The vomer helps to form what structure within the nasal cavity?
nasal septum
What three nasal conchae are found on each side of the nasal cavity
superior and middle nasal conchae
inferior nasal conchae
What is a synonym for the nasal conchae?
What is the overall shape of the palatines
What portion of the palatines forms the posterior third of the hard palette?
horizontal plate
What part of the palatine forms the posterior, lateral wall of the nasal cavity?
perpendicular plate
What part of the palatine forms a small part of the floor of the orbit?
orbital process
What part of the maxilla forms the floor of the orbit?
orbital surface
What opening within the maxilla do the infraorbital artery and nerve pass through?
infraorbital foramen
What part of the maxilla holds the upper teeth
alveolar process
What part of the maxilla forms the anterior two thirds of the hard palatte?
palatine process
What is the horizontal portion of the mandible?
What are the ascending, posterior regions of the mandible
What part of the mandible holds the lower teeth?
alveolar process
What are the two corners of the mandibles?
What opening lies on the anterolateral surface of the body of the mandible?
mental foramen
What opening within the mandible lies on the posterior, medial side?
mandibular foramen
What process of the mandible articulates witht he temporal bone?
condylar process
What is the smooth, round portion of the condylar procedds
mandibular condyle
What is the joint between the mandible and temporal bone?
temporomandibular joint
what process of the mandible does the temporalis insert on?
coronoid process
what is the u-shaped depression between the two mandibular processes?
mandibular process
What bones make up the roof of the nasal cavity?
what bones make up the floor of the nasal cavity?
what bones form the lateral walls of the nasal cavity?
inferior nasal conchae
list the groups of paranasal sinuses
list the bones that form the orbit
What is the collective term for the tiny bones of the middle ear?
auditory ossicles
list the tiny bones from lateral to medial of the auditory ossicles
What is the anatomical term for the softspots in a baby's skull?
What is the function of fontanels?
deformation in birth canal
skull growth
Lis the four fontanels