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Top Film Award
Top Television Award
Top Theatre Award
Top Music Award
Only people to win all four awards
Rita Moreno, Barbara Streisand
Tony Award's full name
Antoinette Perry Award
National Hockey League championship
Stanley Cup
International soccer championship
World Cup
Super Bowl award
Lombardi Trophy
Given to the best college football player
Heisman Trophy
Given to baseball's best pitcher
Cy Young award
Outstanding amateur athletic award
Sullivan award
ESPN's annual awards
World team golf award
Ryder Cup
World team tennis award
Davis Cup
Highest award given by US government
Congressional Medal of Honor
Highest civilian award given by US government
(Presidential) Medal of Freedom
UK's highest military award
Victoria Cross
Off-Broadway theatre award
Given for the best television commercial
Mystery writer's award
Edgar (named after Poe)
London's Tony award
Olivier (named for Lawrence Olivier)
US poetry award presented by Yale University
Bollinger Prize
Award for broadcasting
Peabody award
Science Fiction award
Hugo award
Outstanding cartoonist award
Reuben award
National Geographic Society award
Hubbard award
Given for best children's illustration
Caldecott Medal
Outstanding teacher award
Golden Apple
Planned Parenthood award
Maggie award (named after Margaret Sanger)
MacArthur Foundation award
Genius Grant
Mason's Award
Order of the Eastern Star
Fashion design award
Perry Ellis Award
Award from the Columbia School of Journalism
Pulitzer Prize
Prizes awarded annually in Stockholm
Nobel Prizes
Nobel awarded in Oslo
Nobel Peace Prize
Original Nobel Prizes
Chemistry and Physics
Other Nobel categories
Peace, Liturature, Economics, Medicine/Physiology