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After prank calling Garfield and Marmaduke, Ray ends up having phone sex with whom?
What is Pat's last name?
What is the title of Ray's classical piano album?
A Soujourn into Destiny
Which book does Lyle give to Philippe for a present?
The Anarchist's Cookbook
How does Roast Beef die for the fourth time?
He pukes into an electrical outlet
If you call someone from hell, what will they hear?
How did Todd T. Squirrel die?
He was peeled out on by some teenagers
Where are the portals out of hell?
Friendlys resturants (secret riddle page in the menu)
What is the name of Lyle's made up brand of whiskey?
Liquid Banjo
On their first date, what does Roast Beef cook for Molly?
A rooster
Who helps Pat break out of jail?
Vlad (with some lockpicks hidden in some Nat Shermans)
When Pat gets electrocuted what happens to his personality?
It changes from foul to nice and back again.
Ray pays VIP Entertainment money to keep some shady videos of himself doing what out of circulation?
Underground street dancing
What was the title of Ray's underground street dancing video?
The Dude Has Got No Mercy
Who does Philippe originally want for his running mate in his Presidential campaign?