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What was Ray's underground street dancing name?
Tim Simmons
Where did Teodore's parents move from just before Teodore was born?
Where did Nice Pete grow up?
West Virginia
Which car do Ray and Roast Beef receive in hell?
1982 Subaru Brat
What is Yahoo's Chief of Security's top secret email password?
According to Philippe, how would he cure sadness if elected as President?
Give every American a puppy dog named Mr. Poopytime
What is a "Devil's Dictionary"?
Drinking tequila while watching the Spice Channel (and you gotta be hella yellin about the sex)
Nice Pete states that when he gets out of jail he wants to sell cutting boards that what?
Don't hold DNA evidence
What is the title of Little Nephew's rap album?
Fuck Algebra
Ray gets a Rolex that does what?
Writes his diary in the style of famous authors