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On _____, BUPERSNOTE 1440 announced that a new rating (AS) was being established.
February 24, 1966
This NEC requires on-equipment repairs and intermediate level maintenance on mobile air-conditioners(C-17 & 21).
OPNAV 4790/52
SE PreOperational Record
OPNAV 4790/51
SE Equipment History Card
OPNAV 4790/64
Transaction Report
OPNAV 4790/102
Support Equipment License
Maintenance Data Report 10
To acquire this NEC, you must plan, organize, implement, and control maintenance on all assigned SE in compliance with policy and NAVAIR directives.
AS-7609 SE Maintenance Manager
What is the primary causes of premature engine failures in support equipment?

A. Improper maintenance actions
B. Water in the oil
C. lack of trained personnel
D. Dirt and water in fuel
D. Dirt and water in fuel
What is the primary manual you should use in the prevention, detection, and repair of corrosion on support equipment?
NAVAIR 17-1-125
Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP) is also called?
Who retains the pink copy of the Support Equipment Transaction Report?
The activity using the equipment
The A/M27T-5 portable hydraulic power supply is rated at ___ gpm(gallons per minute)at ___ psi
20 gallons per minute at 5000 psi.
The ______ tow tractor is more commonly referred to as a "spotting dolly."
What type refrigerant is used to service the C-17 and C-21?
_____ heat is the number of Btu that must be added to a unit weight of substance to raise its temperature 1 degree Fahrenheit.
Specific Heat
What are the three laws that govern heat transfer?
1. Heat always flows from a hot object to a cooler one.
2. The greater the difference in temperature, the faster the heat flows.
3. Heat will continue to flow until all temperatures equalize.
The transfer of heat can be accomplished in one of three ways?
Radiation, Convection, Conduction
The six major components of an air-conditioning system are?
Compressor, Condenser, Receiver, Heat exchanger, Metering device(expansion valve), and evaporator
Which state is the refrigerant in as it enter the compressor and exit the condenser?
Enters as a low pressure Vapor and exit as a High pressure liquid.
Where does the refrigeration cycle began?
Low pressure side of the compressor and the high pressure side of the expansion valve.
Which of the following components will entrap the liquid refrigerant during the pump down cycle of the C-17?
The receiver
______ results from a direct chemical attack on the exterior and only involve metal surfaces.
Uniform Surface Corrosion
_______ occurs when different metals are in contact with each other and an electrolyte(such at salt water).
Galvanic Corrosion
_______ is an advanced form of intergranular corrosion and occurs when the surface grains of a metal are lifted at the grain boundaries.
Exfoliation Corrosion
The most common corrosion on aluminum and magnesium alloys is called
Pitting Corrosion
_______ is the cracking of metals caused by the combined effects of cyclic stress and corrosion and is very similar to stress corrosion cracking.
Corrosion Fatigue
Corrosion appearance on Magnesium Alloy?
White, powdery, snow-like mounds and white spots on surface
Corrosion appearance on low Alloy Steel?
Reddish-brown oxide(rust)
Corrosion appearance on Aluminum Alloy?
White to gray powder
Corrosion appearance on Stainless Steels(300-400 series)?
Rough surface; sometimes a red, brown or black uniform stain
Corrosion appearance on Alloy, Brass, Bronze?
Blue or blue-green powdery despoit
What form is used to designate QAR's and CDI's
OPNAV 4790/12
What is a 4790/60?
Support Equipment Misuse and Abuse are document on what form?
OPNAV 4790/108
US Government Motor Vehicle Operators License
What report tracks monthly maintenance production?
What report is used to monitor technical directive that have not been complied with?
Corrosion control is what Maintenance Data Report?
The MO shall designate in writing via the MMP, the __ as the Maintenance Training Program Manager?
The _____ manage the S/E training and license program for I-level?
Support Equipment Division Officer
Indoc training shall be provided to all newly assigned personnel with __ days of reporting, but may be extended to __ days if operational commitment exist.
30 and 60
Hydraulic pumps are normally rated in terms of volumetric output and

A. Temperature
B. Flow rate
C. Pressure
D. Size
C. Pressure
What type of pump is used on the B-2 maintenance platform?

A. Single-action hand pump
B. Variable-displacement pump
C. Double-action pump
D. Rotary pump
C. Double-action pump
What is the primary function of a hydraulic filter?

A. The retention of insoluble contaminants from the hydraulic fluid
B. The retention of soluble contaminants from the hydraulic fluid
C. To remove chlorinated solvent from the hydraulic fluid
D. To pass insoluble contaminants from the hydraulic fluid
A. The retention of insoluble contaminants from the hydraulic fluid
All aircraft hydraulic servicing units must be equipped with a final filter of what micron rating?

A. 3 micron
B. 10 micron
C. 5 micron
D. 15 micron
A. 3 micron
The TMU-70/M is a completely self contained unit. It has three major components, what are they
50 gallon dewar tank, a 15 liter transfer tank, and a low-loss closed loop(LLCL) system of transfer lines
Which of the following components keep the front wheels in proper alignment?

A. The pitman arm
B. The tie rod
C. The drag link
D. The connecting rod
B. The tie rod
Which of the following statements best describes wheel caster?
The number of degrees the steering knuckle is tilted to the rear or front
Front-end geometry does NOT include which of the following terms?

A. Caster
B. Camber
C. Pinion tilt
D. Pivot inclination
C. Pinion tilt
What are the principal parts of a steering gear unit?

A. The worm gear and sector
B. The worm gear and connecting rod
C. The sector and pitman arm
D. The sector and recirculating balls
A. The worm gear and sector
To correct toe-in of a vehicle, you must adjust what components(s)?
The steering arm knuckle
Which of the following sections of a turbine is designed to increase the pressure of the air and discharge it to the combustion chamber?

A. The turbine section
B. The accessory section
C. The cumbustion section
D. The compressor section
D. The compressor section
Which of the following section of a gas turbine engine contains the starter, oil pump, centrifugal switch, the fuel pump, and the generator?
The accessory section
What type of fuel atomizer is used on the gas turbine engines found in support equipment?

A. A full flow
B. A dual orifice
C. A variable output
D. A adjustable nozzle
B. Dual orifice
Which of the following components is installed on the gas turbine engine to prevent accumulation of unburned fuel in the turbine plenum?

A. A drain check valve
B. Overflow valve
C. A pressure valve
D. A discharge vavle
A. A drain check valve
Which of the following is NOT a switch located in the centrifugal switch?

A. 10% switch
B. 35% switch
C. 95% switch
D. 110% switch
A. 10% switch
What are the six(6) programs managed by Quality Assurance?
NAMDRP, CTPL, SE Misuse and Abuse, AVGFE, Maintenance Safety, QA auditing
What are the three main sections of the GTC-85 and the A/M27A-4 composed of?
Compressor, Turbine, Accessory
The MO shall designate in writing via the MMP the ____ as the Tool Control Program manager.
Material Control Officer
For shore AIMD's the responibility of the Tool Control Program Manager may be delegated to the ____ or ____
What is the duty starting cycle for gas turbine engines?
1 minute on, 4 minutes off