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What total number of Mk 83 general purpose bombs can be placed on a metal pallet?
A thermally protected general purpose bomb is identified by which of the following markings?
Two yellow bands around the nose
What kit should you use to configure and LDGP bomb to a DST?
Mk 75
DSTs are identified by what color stripes?L
The total amount of thermal coating missing from a GBU-24B/B must NOT exceed what amount?
40 sq. in.
A GBU-24B/B will penetrate how many feet of reinforced concrete?
4 to 6 ft
A Mk 20 bomb cluster is designed for use against what target?
Armored vehicles
What total number of bomblets is contained in the Mk 20 bomb clusters?
What fuze is used with the Mk 20 bomb cluster?
Mk 339 Mod 1
What type of ammunitiion causes the most injuries to personnel?
Practice Bombs
The history of rockets covers a span of what total number of centuries?
8 centuries
What initiating device ignites the propellant grain of a rocket?
The igniter