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A soft faced hammer is know by what name?
When rivets are too long for repair, you can size them to the correct length with what tool?
rotary rivet cutter
what must you use to form a bucktail on a rivet?
bucking bar
Locally manufactured bucking bars are normally made from what type of steel?
tool steel
To transfer hole locations from the airframe or skin to a patch, you should use what tool?
hole finder
What is the color of a 1/8-inch Cleco fastener?
What is the differnece between snips and shears?
normally shears are used to cut heavier gauge metal
What are the five types of pneumatic riveters?
one-shot gun, fast-hitting gun, slow-hitting gun, corner gun, and squeeze riveter
What rivet gun is generally used for heavy hitting, and under suitable conditions, is the fastest method of reveting?
one-shot gun
What will happen if you apply too much pressure to the drill
it can cause the drill to side slip and the hole to be elongated
Most pneumatic drills are powered by what type of motor?
vane air
A flexible shaft drill is also known by what other name?
snake drill
the combination of bending and stretching of metal, using male and female dies, forms what type of countersink?
why is it necessary to use a hot dimpling process for aluminum alloys?
aluminum alloys are subject to cracking when formed
Portable power-operated snips are more commonly referred to by what name?
What sheet metal equipment would you use to fabricate a wire edge?
bar folder
What brake has removable steel fingers of vayring widths?
box and pan brake
What is the most commonly used layout fluid?
bluing fluid
What is the only thing you should use a scriber for when laying out aluminum or magnesium?
to indicate where the metal is to be cut or drilled
The amount of material consumed in the bending process is known by what term?
bend allowance
What is the outside dimension of the formed part called?
Base measurement
The setback is the combination of the metal thickness and what other factor?
Machines used to cut sheet metal are classified into what two groups?
power and manual operated
When using a vise and forming blocks to manually form a part, what are the three materials that the mallet you use must be made from?
rubber, plastic, or rawhide
When you cut sheet metal, how much should you add to allow for trim?
1/4 inch
Before making any bends on the layout, what should you do to make sure the brake settings are right?
use a piece of scrap metal
How many adjustments must be checked on the bar folder before you can properly bend and fold metal?
To form cylindrical or conical shapes, you should use what machine?
slip-roll forming machine
What machine should you use to make a groove on a bucket?
beading rolls
What determines the minimum rivet diameter?
the thickness of the metal being riveted
what is the Navy standard countersink angle?
100 degrees
A CP350 blind rivet tool is used to pull what type of rivet?
huch rivet
When drilling out a self-plugging rivet, what size drill bit would you use to drill a 1/8-inch rivet?
No. 31 drill bit
After cleaning the damaged area of an aircraft, what is the next step in the repair process?
inspect for secondary damage
What kind of damage can turn into permanent damage if not properly treated?
corrosion damage
Damage caused by tools, bolts, rivets, and nuts left adrift is known as what type of damage?
Foreign object damage
What type of damage can be identified by loosened, sheared, or popped rivets?
When inspecting an area for damage, you should always check rivet and bolt holes for what condition?
What type of test should always be performed on metal after a fire has occurred?
hardness test
If you suspect a crack exists, wht type of inspection should you perform?
Small cracks that can be stop-drilled, dents, scratches, or other minor damage that does not require major repair or replacement and does not restrict flight statue is defined as what type of damage?
negligible damage
Damage that cannot be repaired by any pratical means is defined as what type of damage?
damage requiring replacement
The major requirement on making a repair is to ensure you duplicate what condition?
strength of the original part or structure
The process of interpreting and transcribing of information from blueprints, drawings, and written instructions for the metal to be made into aircraft parts is known by what term?
If you are required to fabricate multiple parts of the same dimensions, what can you use to ensure a higher degree of uniformity and speed production?
What can you use to maintain aerodynamic smoothness when repairing negligible damage, steps, and gaps?
aerodynamic filler
What step must you take before applying a lap patch over a crack?
stop drill both ends of the crack
As a general rule, when you make a flush patch, what is the maximum clearance between the skin and the filler?
1/32 inch
When making a repair over an internal structure, what rivet pattern must you use?
the existing rivet pattern
The main spanwise members designed primarily to take bending loads on the wing or other airfoils are know as what type of members?
What structural members are designed to give the airfoil shape and rigidity?
What structural member runs fore-and-aft along the length of the fuselage and is continuous along frames and bulkheads
The self-sealing fuel cells now in naval service are made up of what total number of primary layers of material?
What is the main advantage of a bladder-type fuel cell over a self-sealing fuel cell?
less total weight
When applying the nylon barrier of a rubber-type bladder fuel cell, you should use what method of application?
brush, swab, or spray
The milled skins of an integral fuel cell are normally fastened to the aircraft by what means?
A fuel leak that reappears 30 minutes after it is wiped dry is classified as what category of leakage?
What is the first step you should take to stop a fuel leak in an integral fuel cell?
retorque all fasteners 6 inches on either side of the leak
To allow the gun piston to return before another cycle can begin, the trigger of a sealant injector gun must be released approximately how often?
every 30 seconds
What gas is used to pressure test a repair made on an integral fuel cell?