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What is the purpose of the CFETP?
To provide information necessary for the AFCFM, MFMs, commanders, training managers, supervisors,
trainers, and trainees to plan, develop, manage, and conduct an effective training program.
List and describe the content of all the sections included in Part I of the CFETP.
(1) Section A provides general information such as the purpose and use of the plan. (2) Section B identifies career progression, duties, responsibilities, and training strategies.
(3) Section C outlines the qualification requirements such as knowledge, education, and training for entry, award, and retention at each skill level. (4) Section D lists all known resource constraints.
What is the AF Form 623 used for?
AF Form 623 is a standard folder used as a training record where the CFETP is kept.
Briefly describe how the STS is developed.
It starts with a data gathering technique called “Occupational Survey.” Surveys are sent to selected Air Force installations worldwide to collect data on tasks Airmen are accomplishing in the field. They include data such as the name of the task, difficulty level, frequency, and duration. Tasks with high probability of performance indicate they are common and widely accomplished in the field. These tasks require attention
and warrant inclusion to the STS. After a thorough analysis, an OSR is published and sent to the AFCFM for review. If there’s a gap between the current training program and what the Airmen in the field require, the AFCFM convenes a STRT and make necessary changes to the STS.
What is the purpose of the STRT?
The purpose of the STRT is to bring together the expertise needed to determine the required education and training requirements and to establish the most effective mix of formal and OJT for Airmen at each skill level.
Which column of the STS serves as a contract between the trainee and the AETC training
Column 4.
What do you call the individual who is in charge of the HARM office?
Which functional area is the central station for all flight management issues?
List some of the duties of an individual who is currently assigned to the SARM office.
Individuals assigned in the SARM may perform different duties such as conducting go/no-go procedures, publishing flight authorizations and performing pre and post mission reviews. They also process and audit MARs and AFTO Forms 781, ARMS Aircrew/Mission Flight Data Document.
Which functional area is responsible for requesting diplomatic clearances when US aircraft enters
foreign airspace?
Current ops.
Where can you find the list duties and responsibilities of ARM personnel at each skill level?
List the three SNCO leadership positions discussed in the lesson.
(1) WFM.
(2) MFM.
(3) AFCFM.
Who is responsible for establishing AFSC entry and training requirements and for developing
strategies to continually provide a mission-ready 1C0X2 force?
List some of the responsibilities of the MFM.
(1) MFMs are responsible for all 1C0X2 personnel within their command.
(2) They validate manpower requirements, ensure personnel operate within the guidelines of the AFSC, and ensure career-broadening opportunities are available across all 1C0X2 functions.
(3) They also convene and preside over MAJCOM conferences and working groups, conduct SAVs, and
provide vital information to the AFCFM that support the advancement of the AFSC.
(4) MFMs also set policies, guidelines and administer the MAJCOM Annual 1C0X2 Awards program.
What tool is used to gather feedback on recent tech school graduates?
When conducting a task evaluation on 5-level trainees, what percentage of technical tasks is
required to be evaluated?
10 percent.
What form is used to document task evaluations?
AF Form 803.
List some of your responsibilities as a trainee.
(1) Must actively participate in all training opportunities and comprehend the requirements listed in the 1C0X2 CFETP.
(2) Must obtain and maintain the knowledge, qualifications, certifications, and appropriate skill level within the AFSC.
(3) Budget on- and off-duty time to complete assigned training tasks, particularly CDC and self-study training requirements within established time limits.
(4) Request assistance when having difficulty with any part of my training.
What must be requested if a trainee is unable to meet the required upgrade training requirements
within the allowable time limit?
Training waiver.
List all the items that must be included in the training waiver case file.
(1) Copy of the trainee’s STS and AF IMT 623a
(2) Commander’s waiver request letter.
(3) Trainer’s and/or supervisor’s waiver request letter.
(4) WFM’s letter.
Who is the approving authority for training waiver case file?
(001) Which functional area is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the
Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS)?
Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM).
(001) Which functional area is responsible for planning and scheduling all training sorties as well
as real-world contingency missions and mobility operations?
Current operations.
(002) Evaluating work methods and procedures to achieve the most economical use of resources is
one of the tasks of
a superintendent.
(003) Who is responsible for evaluating manning requirements, vacancies, and ensuring personnel
are trained and given equal opportunity to work across functional areas to prevent job stagnation?
Wing functional manager (WFM).
(004) Which part of the career field education and training plan (CFETP) would you find the
specialty training standard that lists the most common 1C0X2 tasks, knowledge, and technical
Part II Section A.
(004) Supervisors must make sure that an AF Form 623, On-the-Job Training Record is maintained
for all Airmen in the grades of
AB through TSgt, and senior noncommissioned officers (SNCO) in retraining status.
(005) The purpose of the specialty training requirement team is to
a. conduct an occupational survey and make changes to the career field education and training plan
establish the most effective mix of formal and on-the-job training for each skill level.
(005) Which forum is used to create or revise the specialty training standard (STS) and to set
responsibilities for providing the necessary training?
Specialty training requirement team.
(005) The specialty training standard (STS) is divided into how many columns?
(005) All entries to the specialty training standard (STS) Column 3 must be done in pencil to
make it a living document.
(008) When a trainee is unable to complete the required upgrade training requirements within the
maximum allowable time, the supervisor may
submit a waiver request
(008) A request for training waiver is approved by the
Air Force career field manager.
What is the purpose of the Privacy Act of 1974?
To protect individual’s rights to personal privacy and ensures personal information on all citizens and
resident aliens is accurate and only used for its intended purpose.
Give two reasons why access to individual records would be denied
(1) When a medical or criminal investigation is taking place.
(2) If the records contain classified information.
SSNs must be protected in what manner?
SSNs must be protected as FOUO. Within the DOD, do not disclose SSNs to anyone without an official
need to know.
What kind of penalties may be imposed for violating the Privacy Act of 1974?
The violator will be charged of a misdemeanor and fined up to $5,000.00.
What law provides protection for the privacy of health information?
HIPAA of 1996.
List some examples of information protected by the HIPAA of 1996.
(1) Any information doctors, nurses, and other health care providers put in the patient’s medical record.
(2) Conversations between the patient and health care provider.
(3) TRICARE information.
(4) Medical billing information.
Define OPSEC.
OPSEC is the process of denying information about friendly capabilities and intentions.
List the three broad categories of OPSEC vulnerabilities.
(1) Telephone.
(2) Radio communications.
(3) Physical environment.
List some of the ways to improve the security of radio communications.
(1) Use minimum power.
(2) Plan what you are going to say.
(3) Keep transmissions as brief as possible.
(4) Avoid excessive tuning and testing.
(5) Use only authorized operating procedures.
(6) Never violate radio silence.
(7) Not to engage in chatter.
(8) Never compromise classified call signs by associating them with plain language designations.
Where can you find the current forms and publications?
On the World Wide Web at
What should you do if you are unable to access a form electronically?
Order a hard copy through the unit customer account representative (CAR).
Describe how a supplement to an AFI is identified.
It carries the higher headquarters designation, AFI number, and the supplement number. For example, AFI
11–401/AMC Supplement 1.
Which AFI would you use to find guidance on awarding USAF aeronautical ratings and badges?
AFI 11–402.
Which AFI includes information on 1C0X2 career field training, deployment operations, and
aircrew incentive pay?
AFI 11–421.
Which form is used to record and certify aircrew qualification?
AF Form 8.
Which form is used in lieu of the ARMS generated AO?
AF IMT 1887.
Which form is used when suggesting system changes to ARMS?
AF Form 3215.
What is the goal for establishing work center procedures?
The goal of establishing work center procedures is to ensure continuity in the work place.
What is the first step in developing a checklist?
To jot down all work center tasks.
(009) Air Force policies regarding the Privacy Act of 1974 include all of the following except to
ensure access to personal information on citizens and resident aliens is always granted
(009) Within the Department of Defense (DOD) social security numbers (SSN) must be protected
For Official Use Only (FOUO).
(009) Records that are protected by the Privacy Act may be destroyed by all of the following
methods except
(009) Any member who violates the Privacy Act is guilty of a
misdemeanor and fined up to $5,000.00
(010) The three broad categories of exploitable operations security vulnerabilities are
telephones, radio communications, and the physical environment
(010) Before leaving the area, make sure all classified materials
are stored in proper storage container
(011) What Air Force instruction (AFI) series number pertains to flying operations?
(012) Which Air Force instruction (AFI) sets policy on crew rest and flight duty limitations?
AFI 11–202, Vol 3, General Flight Rules
(012) Which Air Force instruction (AFI) contains guidance on disqualification and
requalification, flying evaluation board procedures, and manpower request and validation?
AFI 11–402, Aviation and Parachutist Service, Aeronautical Ratings and Badges
(013) What form is used as a cover sheet to provide a synopsis of a member’s flight evaluation?
AF Form 942, Record of Evaluation
(013) What form is used to track the number of hours flown for conditional flying incentive pay?
AF IMT 1520, ARMS Individual Flight Pay Entitlement Worksheet
(014) The goal of establishing work center procedures is to
ensure continuity in the work place
What is a computer system?
A computer system is many different pieces of hardware and software that is selected to work together to
accomplish the desired goal
What do you call a group of applications that are bundled together as a package?
Application suite
What do you call the ability to connect two or more computer systems together?
What type of system architecture is where one computer makes a request to another computer to
Client-server architecture
How many ARMS modules are there?
Out of all the modules, which one is the largest?
Resource module
ARMS is considered what type of mission assurance category system?
MAC II system
Access to ARMS is restricted to whom?
Users who have a need to know and meet the IA training standards.
ARMS is owned by whom?
Name the different ARMS governing bodies.
Which ARMS governing body whose purpose is to concentrate and solve issues affecting ARMS
implementation, technical operation, maintenance, and modification?
What form is used to request changes to ARMS?
AF Form 3215.
Who has final approval authority for all system change requests?
Briefly describe a CoP.
A CoP is a process of social learning. It is a group of people connected to each other by a need to solve
common problems, develop skills, and share common practices
Who is responsible for keeping the knowledge and information current, relevant, and complete in
a CoP?
Knowledge owner
(015) When several applications are bundled together as a package, they are called
an application suite
(015) A computer system can be configured to interact with other computer systems, forming a
computer network
(016) What do you call a network that can range from several blocks of buildings to an entire
Metropolitan area network (MAN)
(017) Which menu is not included in the Resource module of the Aviation Resource Management
System (ARMS)?
Deferred Management
(017) Which Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) module is used to establish system
management parameters?
(018) Who is responsible for the management, security, and accuracy of the Aviation Resource
Management System (ARMS) database?
Database administrator
(018) The Chief, Host Aviation Resource Manager (CHARM) approves access to the Aviation
Resource Management System (ARMS) and assigns security levels based on
user’s duties
(019) Which Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) governing body’s purpose is to
concentrate and solve issues affecting ARMS implementation, technical operation, maintenance,
and modification?
Aviation Resource Management System working group (AWG)
(020) What Air Force form is used to request system changes to the Aviation Resource
Management System (ARMS)?
3215, IT/NSS Requirements Document
(020) Which individuals may submit an AF Form 3215?
All primary system users
(021) A community of practice is a group of people who are connected to each other
by a need to solve common problems