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What is buoyancy
when an object is submerged in fluid, a force is created which acts upward and is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the volume of the object
What is velocity
speed of an object moving in a certain direction. velocities add
what is the formula to find velocity
velocity= distance/time
what is the definition of work
using a small force over a long distance, you exert a larger force over a short distance
what is the formila to find the amount of work needed/done
work = (force) x (distance)
Work put in equals work coming out. how do you find efficiency
efficiency = Wout/Win
What is is pressure
a force actin on a surface
How do you find the amount of pressure
pressure = force/area
what is hydrostatic pressure
pressure in liquids that are not moving , which is caused by gravity
how do you calculate hydrostatic pressure
hydrostatic pressure + atomspheric pressure =total pressure
what are three ways heat can be transferrer
conduction, convection, or radiation
Explain conduction
happens in solids or stationary fluids
explain convection
occurs in liquids and gasses by circulating currents caused by difference in density
do electrical forces increase as the distance between charged particles increases
no, they decrease
what is a resistor
dissipate energy through heat
what is a capacitor
stores electrical energy between two parallel plates
what is an inductor
stores magnectic energy
what are diodes
restricts current only to one direction. A semiconductor is a rectifer
what does a rectifier do
convers AC to DC
userd to conver electricity from one voltage to another
how can you calculate the mechanical advantage of a lever
MA = effort arm/ resisting arm