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What is the purpose of technical publications?
To help you perform your assigned maintenance
For a description of the NAVAIR technical manual program, you should refer to what publication?
NAVAIR 00-25-100
What are the two major types of technical manuals?
Operational and maintenance
Which of the following format styles can be found in technical manuals?
Conventional and work package
The format of a publication should be designed to improve which of the following key aspects?
(T/F) Each work package of a work package type of manual contains all information required to perform a specific task on an aircraft
Where does the WP identification number appear on a page in a WP manual?
Top right corner
A WP number consists of what total number of digits?
Technical manuals are updated by what means?
Changes and revisions
What technical publication update method involves the complete reissue of a replacement manual with all change information incorporated?
TPDRs usually result from fleet inputs that include changes for which reasons?
To correct user-detected errors, to improve verbiage, to incorporate a "better way"
What number indicates an illustration has been added to a maintenance manual because of an issued change?
Which occurences in a manual does NOT require an associated change symbol?
Blank spaces resulting from the deletion of text material
What method is used to incorporate a minor design change to equipment without making a direct impact on the existing information contained in a manual?
Difference data sheet
In a WP manual, what information is contained in the numerical index of effective WPs?
All changed, revised, added, or deleted WPs
A change symbol in a WP manual is required for changes to which of the following elements?
Diagrams, line drawings, and illustrations
A NAVAIR manual number consists of what parts?
A letter prefix and three additional parts
What is identified by part I of the publication number?
The category of manual
What portion of NAVAIR publication number NA 01-75PAC-1 specifies the type aircraft and the manufacturer of the aircraft to which the publication applies?
What portion of NAVAIR publication number NA 01-85AD-1 signifies the publication is a NATOPS manual?
The purpose of the TMINS is to meet the requirements of all systems commands to obtain what standardized information concerning technical manuals and changes?
Identification, referencing, and requisitioning
TMINS numbers for manuals are patterned after what numbering system?
National Stock Number System
The Publication identifier (PI) is the root of the TMINS number. It contains a total of how many characters?
What information is identified by the first seven characters of the PI?
The hardware or subject identifier.
What information is identified by the frost letter in the PI?
The responsible command
What information is identified by the second group of characters in the PI?
The Standard Subject Classification code
What information is identified by the third group of characters in the PI?
The subject serial number
The first group of characters in the technical manual identifier consists of three letters or numbers. This group is known as the TM
The third group of characters in the technical manual identifier consists of a single number or letter. It is known as the TM?
TMINS identifies classified publications by what means?
The PI suffix
What manual gives a comprehensive explanation of the TMINS?
Which section of the MIM covers component repair procedures for intermediate-level maintenance?
Section IV
For which of the following reasons are sections of MIMs now issued as separate publications under individual identifying numbers?
Easier procurement, storage, filing, and use
A listing of weapons systems component parts keyed to illustrations is provided in what type of manual?
Illustrated Parts Breakdown Manual
All aeronautical publications, changes, technical directives, and forms issued by NAVAIRSYSCOM are cataloged in the Naval Aeronautic Publications Index (NAPI)
The Naval Aeronautic Publications Index (NAPI) consists of how many sections?
What aircraft maintenance division normally maintains a complete NAPI?
Quality assurance
For more in-depth information concerning the NAPI, you should refer to which of the following publications.
NAVAIR 00-25-100
What series of manuals covers standard aviation maintenance practices that apply to all aircraft?
Large, high-density avionics aircraft with computer-controlled, integrated weapons systems use what type of manual to aid the aircrew in maintaining large analysis and single flow data?
Crew station manuals
Large, high-density avionics aircraft with computer-controlled, integrated weapons systems use what type of manual to help the aircrew troubleshoot and repair equipment to maintain mission capability while still airborne?
In-flight maintenance manual
What NAVAIR manual contains basic structural repair data common to all aircraft?
NAVAIR 01-1a-1
When you see a publication numbered NAVAIR XX-XXX-4 you know that this manual is of what type?
Illustrated Parts Breakdown
The Planned Maintenance System publications consist of what type or types of cards or charts?
MRCs, PMICs, and SSCs
What PMS publication provides information in an abbreviated walkaround order to aid personnel when they inspect aircraft surfaces?
Turnaround checklist
What safety publication contains information and guidelines on acceptable work place safety and health standards ashore?
A technical directive change directs the accomplishment and recording of a material change, a repositioning, a modification, or an alteration in the characteristics of the equipment to which it applies
A technical directive that is issued to clarify, add to, delete from, make a minor requirement change, or cancel an existing technical directive is known as what type of technical directive?
Which of the following symbols designates the second revision to a TD?
Rev. B
A technical directive is issued to correct a safety condition that could result in fatal or serious injury to personnel. What type of technical directive is this?
Immediate action
The overall management of the technical library is a function of what activity or individual?
Quality assurance division
What form does the dispersed librarian sign to indicate the receipt of a publication change from the central library?
CECR (OPNAV Form 5070/12)
Routine deficiencies in technical publications are reported via OPNAV Form 4790/66 to what command or commands?
When an activity with a central library has other libraries within the command, dispersed technical publications libraries (DTPLs), what organizational element of the activity manages these libraries
At least how often does QA audit the CTPL?
Information about discrepancies or change recommendations of a routine nature on the technical content of a NATOPS should be submitted on what form?
OPNAV Form 4790/66