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What are the three broad categories of measurement?
a. Magnitude
b. Direction
c. Time
What unit of measurement is used to express scientific measurement?
Metric unit of measurement
Match the element being measured with the metric term used to express the measurement.
1. Distance of length
2. Mass
3. Time
1. Meter
2. Kilogram
3. Second
What is the English equivalent to 1 meter?
Approximately 1 yard
What is the difference between the mass of a body and the weight of a body?
The mass of the body is the measure of the quantity of matter that the body contains, and it does not change.
What is meant when a person is described as weighing 195 pounds?
The person has the same pull of gravity that a mass of 195 would have when located near sea level.
How are derived units constructed?
They are based on combinations of two or three fundamental units expressed as some combination of these units. For example, the watt could be written as a joule per second.
Speed and velocity are sometimes used as if they were meant the same thing between speed and velocity?
Velocity is a vector quantity; it is speed in a given direction, while speed is a body moving along a path with no reference being made to direction.
What term is defined as the work done in lifting 1 pound a distance of 1 foot against the force of gravity?
List the measurements included in the units of power?
a. Force
b. Distance
c. Time
Convert 90 degrees Farenheit to the Celsius scale.
5/9(90-32)= 5/9 multiplied by 58 =32.2 degrees celsius
What are the four types of temperature scales?
a. Celsius
b. Fahrenheit
c. Kelvin
d. Rankine
What type of thermometer is usually used in the laboratory? In aircraft?
The liquid thermometer is usually used in the laboratory while the solid thermometer is used in aircraft.
What principle is used to construct a thermometer?
The principle of the compound bar.
What two terms describe the range of sound the human ear can distinguish?
The threshold of audibility and the threshold of feeling.
What term is used to describe sound?
The bel and decibel, which is a ratio and refers to the difference between sounds of unequal intensity or sound levels.