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Sympathetic outflow
Thoraco-Lumbar regions
Parasympathetic outflow
Cranio-Sacral regions
Sympathetic gaglia location
paraverterbral ganglionic chain
Parasympathetic ganglia location
in close proximity to target tissue
Neurotransmitter in ALL ganglionic synapses
Neurotransmitter at sympathetic neuro-effector junctions
NE; except at sweat glands where postganglionic sympathetic fibers release ACh
Neurotransmitter at parasympathetic neuro-effector junctions
Target tissue EXCLUSIVELY under sympathetic control
Peripheral Vascular smooth muscle
Target tissue under predominant parasympathetic control
SA Node; GI smooth muscle
Target tissue with Dual Innervation (Reciprocal Innervation)
Smooth muscles of the iris
Termination of NT effects in cholinergic synapses
Occurs by hydrolysis of ACh by Acetylcholinesterase; acetate diffuses out of synapse and choline is recycled into the presynaptic nerve terminal for resynthesis of ACh by Choline acetylase
Termination of NT effects in adrenergic synapses
Occurs primarily by diffucion of NE out of the synaptic cleft; some NE is recycled by reuptake into the presynaptic nerve terminal, subjected to oxidative deamination by MAO and the rest repackaged into vesicles for future release
Synthesis of amine NTs
Phe-->Tyr-->DOPA-->DA-->NE; Phenylalanine hydroxylase,Tyrosine hydroxylase, DOPA decarboxylase, DA beta-hydroxylase, respectively
Adrenal Medullary Tumor; Excessive synthesis and paroxysmal secretion of catecholamine neurohormones; NE converted to epinephrine by PEA N-methyl transferase; Hypertensive Crisis
Phenylketonuria (PKU)
Caused by genetic deficiency of Phenylalanine hydroxylase; Tyrosine becomes an essential aminoacid; Phe converted to Phenyl pyruvate - a Phenylketone in structure that can cause mental retardation in neonates and infants