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What does FGCS stand for
Flight Guidance Control System
How many channels does the guidance panel on the glareshield use
Two channels, each providing independent information to the flight guidance control system
Selecting the NAV button on the guidance panel enables what
What happens when you push the HDG SEL knob on the guidance panel
The seading select bug is synchronized with the current heading
You've just pushed the BANK button. What happens
The bank is limited to 17 degrees used by the FGCS and a white arc is automatically displayed on the PFD when above 25000

Manual display of the white arc occurs when your in heading mode
Selecting the APP buton does what
Activates the approach mode to intercep the ILS
What does the autopilot approach status annunciator display when selecting the APP mode(three possible displays)
2. APPR1---CAT 1
3. APPR1 ONLY---CAT 1 ILS approach capable but CAT II requirements are not met
What does pushing the ALT SEL knob do
Toggles altitude displayed between meters and feet
How would you select altitude hold
Push ALT button
If you just spin the VS thumb wheel will the aircraft enter the vertical speed mode
No, you must first push the VS button
What does the FPA button and FPA SEL knob do
Selects the flight path angle mode and manually selects the flight path angle
What is the maximum flight path angle
9.9 up or down
If the autopilot, autothrottles, and yaw damper are commanded ON using their respective buttons. What does pushing the SRC button do on the same guidance panel
It alternates the captain and FO's AFCS side as data source. Remember there are two channels
If the autopilot was not engaged and you want to remove the FD command from your PFD what would you do
Push the FD button on the guidance panel

NOTE-Does not remove your display when autopilot is engaged but does remove opposite side display even when autopilt is engaged
What does the FMS position do on the speed knob
It switches speed control to FMS commanded mode and speed is displayed in magenta
What does the MAN position do on the SPEED knob
The desired speed is controlled manually and displayed in cyan
Does the TCS need to be held down in order to override the primary servos
Yes, and when its released the airplane will maintain the new attitude but lateral control is returned to previously slected lateral mode
While on glide slope in the APP mode would pressing and releasing the TCS button disconnect the autopilot
No, after releasing the button the autopilot returns the aircraft toward the ILS beam
How would you disconnect the autopilot
-The AP is pressed on the guidance panel
-The manual pitch trim switches are activated
-Either quick disc switches are activated
-Shakers are activated
-Reversion of the fly-by-wire system to direct mode
-Either the aileron or elevator control system disconnects
-A column and control wheel force monitor sensors trips
-Various internal monitors failure
What are the 6 modes annuniciated for the autothrottle
1.SPD (T or E)
What does the LM annunciation mean
The vertical speed and target speed are not compatible with thrust rating available (can't do it)
The autopilt indications on the FMS depict a green arrow. What does it mean
The arrow indicates the AFCS source. It points left or right
What does it mean when the flight mode annunciator displays the mode in white for lateral or vertical mode
The mode is armed. It will turn green when manually commanded (both lateral and vertical) or magenta when FMS commanded (lateral mode only)
What is displayed using a magenta diamond on the PFD
It represents the flight director
The autopilot approach status annunciator is displaying
APPR1 in green and APPR2 in white. What does this
APPR 1 is engaged and APPR 2 is armed.
The system is CAT II capable.
APPR 2 will turn green when engaged below 1500
feet AGL.
What three times will the Flight Director automatically
turn on?
Autopilot Activation
Windshear Detection
Will the flight director be displayed when pressing the
Touch Control Steering button?
No, but it comes back when the TCS button is released.
When do both flight directors become active regardless of
the last FD status selected?
Upon ground power up.
Upon ground power up.
Can you engage the autopilot on the ground
No, it is inhibited.
The autopilot has two channels. Can you manually select
which channel is used?
Yes, through the SETUP MCDU page.
What is the difference between different RED autopilot
disengagement annunciations and autopilot aural alarms
RED ...Normal Disengagement
RED ..Abnormal Disengagement “AP FAIL“ CAS
Will the A/P disengage with excessive control wheel
forces? How long will the RED flashing AP indication
The RED flashing AP indication will last for at least
5 seconds but can be cancelled by pressing either AP
disconnect button.
Where is the Flight Mode Annunciation (FMA)
On the top of the PFD
What does the FMA display
Active AFCS Channel
Lateral & Vertical Modes
Describe the color code for normal FMA operation
Magenta................. FMS Commanded Mode
Green ..................... Non FMS Commanded Mode
White: ..................... Armed
Amber.................... Alert Condition
Red......................... Abnormal Condition
When is the ROLL HOLD mode activated?
It's the default mode whenever the active mode is

It is also the lateral mode activated during Takeoff
after pressing TO/GA and below 100 KIAS.
What does the AP do in the ROLL HOLD mode
If Bank <6degrees .. Levels the wings
If 6 < Bank < 35 .. Holds present bank
If Bank <35 ....Maintains 35 bank
Question Answer
How would you adjust the bank from 10 degree to 20 degrees when using the ROLL HOLD Mode
Use the TCS button to make the adjustment (works if
your bank is between 6 degrees and 35 degrees)
Will the HDG select button cause the FD to command a
turn in the shorter direction when selecting a heading
greater than 180 degrees?
No, the FD follows the heading selected and respects the
side to which the turn was commanded if HDG had
already been selected prior to turning the HDG select
What is the source of navigation when LNAV is
displayed on the FMA?
How would you set up the guidance panel when flying a
ILS Approach?
The APP button. It is used for both LOC and ILS
approaches and makes the selection automatically
depending on whether it is receiving a GS signal or not
How would you set up the guidance panel when flying a
Back Course Approach?
Just select the APP button. The flight director
automatically manages the LOC and Back Course based
upon localizer frequency, PFD information and aircraft
When is the TRACK mode displayed on the FMA
Whenever GA or TO is selected by the TOGA and IAS > 100
Which FGCS vertical mode commands only the flight
TO mode. It commands the FD to display crossbars
representing pitch attitude.
If there is no active mode on the FD during takeoff (raw
data) when can the Flight Path Angle indication be
30 seconds after lift off
What pitch will the TO mode first guidance provide
Flaps 1....Pitch 11 degrees
Flaps 2....Pitch 10 degrees
Flaps 4....Pitch 12 degrees
What is the All Engines Operating Speed target when
V2 + 10
What is the Engine Out Speed target when airborne assuming the V2 speed was inserted in the MCDU PERF DATA
Pg 3?
Engine Failure Below V2........Guides V2 + 3

Engine Failure Between V2 and V2 + 10...Guides Present Speed

Engine Failure Above V2 + 10 .......Guides V2 + 10
What will be commanded if no V2 speed was inserted
Fixed pitch according to flaps in use
What is the minimum and maximum pitch in the TO or GA modes?
8 degrees Minimum and 18 degrees Maximum
In the TO or GA modes what is the maximum speed target with all engines operation
In the TO or GA modes What is the minimum speed target with all engines operation
What is the minimum speed target with an engine failure in the TO mode
What is meant by SPDE
Speed on Elevator
It is the default used when selecting FLCH Mode
When does the speed indication switch from IAS to
Approximately 29,000 Feet
What is the only vertical mode that allows an altitude
change without first selecting a different altitude in the
ALT SEL window?
The GS Mode
What is the vertical speed selectable range
From -8000 ft/min to +6000 ft/min
What is the incremental change of the vertical speed
50 ft/min ...Below 1000 ft/min rate
100 ft/min ..... Above 1000 ft/min rate
What is the GA mode first guidance pitch?
If IAS is not greater than Speed Target, it will command:
8 degrees

If IAS > Speed Target it will command:

V2+20 (2 Engines Operating)

VAC (1 Engine Operating)
At what altitude is the Windshear Alert disabled
Above 1,500 feet AGL (uses radar altimeter)
What color is a WSHR annunciation
How does the system know whether you intend to fly a
CAT 1 or CAT 2 ILS?
Through the correct use of the RA/BARO selector and
RA minimums setting. The system arms for the highest
capability available.
Describe the two ILS Approach Check Points.
1500 Feet RA
System starts trying to engage the highest capability.

800 Feet RA System freezes highest capability available and does not allow approach upgrades anymore.
Does the Yaw Damper operation require Autopilot
No, it is independent of the AP and FD.

The Yaw Damper can be disengaged using the YD
button on the GP
What does the PREVIEW feature allow
Allows the capture of an ILS course while still using the
FMS as a NAV source. The ILS must be part of the FMS
Active Flight Plan and Auto Tuning must be enabled.
Do the autothrottles compensate for wind gusts
Yes, up to 5 knots
Assuming everything is working normally, when are the
autothrottles engaged on Takeoff and In-Flight?
AT TO mode armed and both thrust levers above 50 degrees
AT button pressed and above 400 ft AGL.
When does the Takeoff Thrust Hold mode (HOLD)
On Takeoff when airspeed is greater than 60 knots up to
400 ft AGL
Will you get an indication if the HOLD mode is activated
before the TOGA thrust level angle is reached?
Yes, there will be an EICAS message
On landing, when do the autothrottles retard and when do they disengage?
The autothrottles retard at 30 feet in landing

The autothrottles disengage at WOW or Wheel Spin
Will the autothrottles disengage by manually moving the thrust levers up to the TOGA position?
No, the OVRD message is displayed on the FMA
What two override conditions will cause the autothrottles
to disengage?
They will disengage if the thrust lever is moved
beyond TOGA position.

During an Abort when the TLA is reduced below 40 degrees
in the TO HOLD mode.
Does the failed engine thrust lever remain active with the
autothrottles on during single engine operation?
No, it is deactivated but the operating engine autothrottle
remains active.
Does the TLA (Thrust Lever Angle) TRIM work when
autothrottles are disengaged
Yes, as long as the TLA TRIM is set to ON on the MCDU
TRS page.
Question Answer
What is the TRS key on the MCDU and what does it
It is the Thrust Rating Selection key and it allows manual
selection of following thrust settings to be transmitted:
CLB 1&2
Normally the engine thrust rating changes from TO to
CLB at 400 feet on takeoff as long as a vertical mode has
been activated and gear is up. What happens if no change
in vertical mode is detected?
The Mode automatically switches to CLB at 3000 feet
When does the thrust rating change from TO to CON
during an engine failure on TO?
At 3000 feet AGL
When does the rating change to the CRZ setting
When actual altitude is within 100 feet of selected altitude for more than 90 seconds.