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3 major clinical signs of autism? ***remember, it is a spectrum disorder***
1. impaired reciprocal social interactions...don't seek connections
2. no language ability, but echolalia
3. abnormal preoccupations; repetitive interests, stereotyped mannerisms
What can be said for the motor ability, IQ, and languge ability of asurger's vs. autism>
Asburger's- very poor coordination, HIGH IQ, normal language, bizarre and unusual hobbies
Autism- FINE motor, diminished IQ, and can't express themselves
Epidem of Autism? M/F? When diagnosed? What is the Theory of Mind and can autistic children appreciate this?
1/500 children; M>F 4:1, diagnosed before age 3.
Theory of Mind = the idea that other people have minds/mental states that are different from our own; autistic kids can't appreciate this
Treatment goals of autism?
To make person more independent and to eliminate destructive behavior. Treat behavioral issues (self-injury/aggression)... Med only as a last resort for behavioral issues, not for underlying disease
How many of all children fall into this category? 3 major criteria for ADHD?
7% of children
1. Inaatentive...particularly when fine details are needed at school/work
2. Hyperactive- fidgets with hands/feet/squirms in seat
3. Impulsive-blurts tuff out without being asked
Barriers to ADHD diagnosis? 2
1. reporting differences between teachers and parents
2. tough to know what is "age appropriate behavior"
Is ADHD heritable? ADHD as a teenager?
YES. 77%. Teens more likely to engage in risky behaviors/drug abuse.
Pathophysiology of ADHD? What region fires less? Impact on DOpamine? Norep dysfunction?
Decreased pre-frontal cortex activity.
HYPO Dopaminergic state
Normally, NOREP is tonically firing, but not the case with ADHD. Very sporadic/diminished.
Describe the dual system of attention with respect to motor and sensory commands with DOPA and NOREP in regards to ADHD?
DOPA- motor control- "POUR yourself some coffee- ANTERIOR brain

NOREP- Sensation- posterior brain "wake up and smell the coffee"
What are the treatment goals for ADHD? 3... what meds/mechanism? (ritalin and amphetamines) remember the rule of 30%
1. Educate family/child. A 10 y/o is really 7 y/o emotionally
2. Behavioral management styles
3. MEDS to increase DOPA or increase NOREP
Methylphenidate-ritalin- blocks DOPA reuptake
Amphetamines- increase DOPA release

Avoid meds if at all possible!!!