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Applied Behavioural Analysis
A system of early educational intervention first developed by Ivar Lovaas. It is designed to promote appropriate language and behaviours, and to reduce problematic ones.
Asperger Syndrome (AS)
People with Asperger Syndrome have difficulty with social understanding, and their patterns of behaviour are often inflexible. Language, and especially abstract language, can be hard for these people, but to a much lesser degree than with Kanner's autism.
Using a chelating agent that will bind with metals in order to try to release them from the body. With autism, this might be done in order to test for mercury levels.
Repetitive words or phrases that autistics may say, sometimes hours after the event. Sometimes this will just be an echoed word, and some autistics will mimic whole sentences or even conversations, and they may even use convincing accents and the voices of other people. Echolalia is a normal developmental stage that children go through before learning to speak, but in some autistics it is prolonged.
A neurological disorder which can lead to convulsions, partial and full loss of consciousness, and absences. It occurs more frequently in autistic people and their families than in the general population.
The attempt to eliminate an undesirable behaviour by ABA methods.
The concept that something taught in one situation with a particular person can be applied to other places with other people.
Gluten-free casein-free (GF/CF) diet
Gluten is found mainly in wheat, oats and barley; casein in milk products. Certain people on the autistic spectrum have found that a diet free from these things can help their concentration and prevent digestive problems.
The precocious ability to read at an early age, coupled with having significant trouble with the spoken word.
Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI)
Another way of referring to the applied behavioural analysis approach to teaching autistics.
MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)
A vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella, given to children at 18 months and again at around 4 years. Some parents believe it to be directly responsible for autism developing in their child.
Neurotypical (NT)
Anyone who isn't on the autistic spectrum, considered to have a more typical brain structure.
Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
A simple picture card system used to encourage autistic people to communicate their needs.
Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder
The main feature of this is difficulty in developing language skills. Other behavioural traits suggest that this disorder is in fact on the autistic spectrum. However social behavioural problems are often less pronounced in those diagnosed with this than in regular autism.
Special Educational Needs Coordinator.
All schools in the UK should have one of these to manage the needs of any children who have learning difficulties. Usually it is a teacher.
In the UK a statement of special educational needs sets out what a child's problems are and what help the educational authority will provide. Before the statement is issued there is a period of assessment (and much paper-pushing), and there are various stages to go through. It can take at least 6 months to get but until that happens less help will be available.
Self-stimulatory behaviour is the name given to the repetitive actions, which have no clear purpose to outside observers, that some autistic people feel compelled to do.
A compound containing around 50% mercury, used in medicine for its antiseptic properties. In the past it has been used in vaccines.