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"In Flander's Fields"
A message from soldiers.
Even though they are dead, life goes on
John McCrae
The soldier
Englishman. where he dies, a little section of land will always be english
Rupert Brooke
Joins army to impress girls.
is only a torso, used to rely on good looks
Wilfred Owen
"I have Rendezvous with Death" expects death. Cannot apprecitate life
Alan Seeger
"A Lament"
Beauty is still there, but beauty has not seen war
Wilfrid Gibson
"Break of Day in the trenches" Witness of average day in the trenches
Isaac Rosenburg
"The Dug Out" soldier sleeps, but it reminds one of death
Siegfried Sassoon
"My company" Comradery, stood side by side, all that he is responsible for
Herbert Read
"To any Dead officer"The one that wanted to live the most was expected to die.
Siegfried Sassoon
"Aftermath" the importance of never forgetting
Siegfried Sassoon
"A Piece of String"
Wrongly accused of stealing checkbook. goes crazy about it and dies. Guy de Maupassant
"A Problem"
False signature, ends with him asking for more money Anton Chekhov
"The artist"
Son and Mother want to paint but father is very materialistic
Dolls house