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Michael Chabon
wrote "summerland" and "WOnderboys"
received Pulitzer Prize for fiction
Elizabeth Berg
had an array of jobs
has 8 bestsellers
wrote "talk before sleep", "joy school" "range of motion" and "durable goods"
recieved cancer research center award for illuminating book
Julia ALvarez
grew up in Dominican republic
father was a rebel
she wrote "How the garcia girls lost their accents", "in the time of the butterfly"
Jeff Shaara
became a coin dealer at age of 16
finished his fathers trilogy on the civil war
"Gods and Generals" writes mostly about war stories
nobel prize
"voice of the depression"
jack London
socialist, darwinism is a huge theme
Jodi Picoult
wrote Salem Falls
all books have trials
wrote for a wall street firm
Barbra Kingsolver
lots of imagry
loves to write about family and strong women
Edith Wharton
bron during Civil War
won Politzer Prize
Charles mcCarthy
focuses on naturalism and dreams of men
he is known for grusome violence
Alice Hoffman
Themes:love, lust, family, natural instincts, self destruction
Wrote "here on earth" which is quite similar to Wuthering heights
Sherman Alexie
a lot of his books contain real facts
Wrote reservation Blues and toughest little indian
Anna Quindlen
writes about:abuse, murder, abandoning, rape, teenage preg., and cancer
huge feminist
wrote for the post, the times and now for newsweek
Susan Minot
won the Prix femina Entranger in 1987
"stealing beuty" "evening"
wirtes about memory, love and relationships