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Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
Who was Edmund Barton?
Who was Sir Donald Bradman?
Who was the greatest cricket batsman in Australian history?
What day is Australian Day?
What day is celebrated on January 26th?
What day is Anzac Day?
What day is celebrated on April 25th
When did the European settlement begin?
What happened on 26th Januar 1788?
List all privileges of Australian citizens?
What are the following called?
- to vote
- to seek election to parliament
- to apply for an Australian passport and to enter Australia freely
- to register children born overseas as Australian citizens by decent
- to seek full consular assistance diplomatic representatives while overseas
- to seek the full range of employment opportunities in the Australian defence force and the Australian public service
What are the responsibilities of Australian citizens?
What are the following called?
- to vote in federal, state and territory elections and at a referendum
- to serve on a jury if called on to do so
- to defend Australia should the need arise (subject to same rights and exemptions as Australian-born citizens)
Which values are important in modern Australia?
What are the following points called?
- respect for the equal worth, dignity and freedom of the individual
- freedom of speech
- freedom of religion and secular government
- freedom of association
- support for parliamentary democracy and the rule of law
- equality under the law
- equality of men and women
- equality of opportunity
- peacefulness
- tolerance, mutual respect and compassion for those in need
What's the population of Australia?
What does the number 21 Million signify?
What's the percentage of how many people were born overseas?
What does 22 percent signify?
How many Aboriginals live in Australia?
What does the number 483 000 signify?
What rank in land mass is Australia?
Where is Australia in 6th place?
List all states and territories in oder of size of land mass starting with the smallest.
Describe the following list:
What animals are represented in the Coat of Arms?
In what symbol would you find a Kangaroo and an Emu?
What does the shield in the Coat of Arms represent?
What represents the six states where the border represents the federation?
What are the elements of the Coat of Arms?
What do the following elements have in common?

- a shield representing the six states with a border representing federation

- a kangaroo and an emu supporting the shield on either side

- a gold Commonwealth Star sitting on a wreath of gold and blue

- a background of Australian Wattle

- the word 'Australia'
Who composed the National Anthem?
Who is Peter Dodds McCormick?
When was the National Anthem composed?
What happend in 1878?
What's the name of the National Anthem?
What is 'Advance Australia Fair'?
First line of 'Advance Australia Fair'?
What is 'Australians all let us rejoice'?
What are the fixed National Holidays?
What are the following days?

New Year's Day - January 1st
Australia Day - January 26th
Anzac Day - April 25th
Christmas Day - December 25th
Boxing Day - December 26th
What are the variable National Holidays?
What are the following days?

- Labour Day
- Easter
- Queen's Birthday - April 21 1926 - 2nd Monday June or late Sep/early Oct in WA
Canberra Day ACT
Volunteer's Day SA
Foundation Day WA
Melbourne Cup Day - 1st Tue Nov
Who is the banksia named after?
What has Joseph Banks given to the Australian land?
Who was the first Governor?
Who is Captain Arthur Phillip?
Where did the ships land on 26th Januar 1788?
What happened at Sydney Cove and when?