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pura et liquida
pure and untainted
extollunt se adversum te
they raise themselves against you
extollunt se adversum te
they raise themselves against you
indico, -are
et ideo non esse quo a te omni modo recedatur
and therefore there is no place whither one might withdraw from you altogether
in quo dominum meum vel vitiose atque perverse imitatus sum?
wherein did I even corruptly and pervertedly imitate my lord?
quia potentatu non poteram
b/c I had no power
mancam libertatem
defective liberty
quod non liceret tenebrosa omnipotentiae similitudine
that which is not permitted in darkened similarity to omnipotence
potuitne libere quod non licebat, non ob aliud nisi quia non licebat?
was it able to be pleasing because it was not permitted, and not from anything else than the fact that it was not permitted?
et ea fame non esuriebam
I was not hungering from this hunger
quo inanior, fastidiosior
the emptier I was, the more I loathed
proiciebat se foras
it projected itself outside
ruo, ruere, rui
to fall
quanto felle mihi suavitatem illam, et quam bonus aspersisti,
w/ how much gall did you, who are good, flavor that sweetness.
colligabar laetus aerumnosis nexibus
I was bound, joyful, w/ troublesome bindings
fomitibus ignis mei
fuel of my fire
luctuosa atque tragica
sorrowful and tragic scenes
et actori amplius favet
and he is more inclined/favorable toward the actor
sed quo vadit?
to where does if go/proceed?
per nutum proprium
through its own will
detorta atque deiecta
corrupted and thrown down
sese fruebantur
they were enjoying each other
quamvis haec imaginarie gererent
although these things were imaginary
dura perpessum
the guy enduring hardship
qui germanitus misericors est
he who is truly merciful
quod nullo dolore sauciaris
since you are wounded by no pain/grief
et ad haec quis idoneus?
and who is suitable/appropriate for these things?
in aerumna aliena
in another person's problems
saltatorius, -a, -um
meque alliciebat vehementius
and was attracting me more powerfully
lacrimae excutiebantur
tears were shaken out
turpi scabie foedarer
I was infected with a foul sheep disease
[quibus auditis et fictis]
having heard these things after they were made up
tanquam in superficie raderer
as much as I might be scratched on the surface
surely not
fine damnabili et ventoso
out of a damnable and vainglorious end
usitato iam discendi ordine
in the usual course of learning
viluit repente omnis vana spes
suddenly all vain expectation became empty
to fly away
fuco, -are
embellishing, coloring
salutifera illa admonitio Spiritus tui
that healing admonition of your spirit
quaecumque esset
whatever it was
et hoc solum me in tanta flagrantia refrangebat
and this alone was weakening me in such ardor
rem non compertam
a thing not understood
neque nudatam pueris
nor layed open/bare to children
sed indessu humilem
but lowly in access
successu excelsam et velatam mysteriis
with subsequent access lofty and veiled in mysteries
tumor enim meus refugiebat modum eius
for my swelling/pride shunned/shrank frm the measure of it (scripture)
acies mea
my acumen
I was disdaining/deeming unworthy
turgidus fastu mihi grandis videbar
swollen with pride, I seemed to myself fully grown