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can refer to spoken language, written language, sign or pictures
tools and strategies that enhance, add to, or supplement the individual's cmcn system
augmentative cmcn
situations where the individual uses something other than his body in the cmcn process
aided communication
situations in which the person uses only his body to communicate
unaided communicaiton
an electronic cmcn device that speaks
voice output cmcn device
any item or product used to increase, maintain or improve the functional abilitues of persons wiht disabilities
AT device
Does AT promote or hinder speech development?
list the 4 levels of cmcn
a group of compilation of symbols
sybol set
a natually evolving system with a highly sophisticated set of rules
there is generally a ___ correspondence b/t a symbol andits referent
a way of speeding up the rate of cmcn. edamples include alphabetic, numberi, iconic, morse code
this has keystrokes in words longer than 4 letters which can possibly decrease the rate of cmcn
message prediction
_______ is an ongoing process and the AAC user and family plays an imp. role in this
vocabulary selection
concepts groupsed in categories such s people, actions, places
vocabulary present in a grid organization format grouped in events such as snack time, circle time
the items words phrases and vocab. available for cmcn
selection set
how our bodies move in space
this type of lang. stays the same and one can add extended vocab. to it
core lang.
to pause and wait for a response is an ______
expectant delay
this is an example of what type of question:
What do you need to do?
open-ended ?
this an exapmle of __:
Can you make the ____ go?
partial prompt
this is a situation in which the facilitator activates the switch
model for imitation
when one takes the student's hand and activates the switch
physical assistance
student is able to use switch at any time
time independent switch
student activates switch consistently at a specific time
time dependent switch use
student must use switch within a specified time window to make choices
multichoice scanning
student must activate switch to choose a communicative message - symbol paired with voice output
symbolic choice making
_____ include a keyboard: alphabetic letters, punctuation characters, numbers and control commands
visual displays
________ include spoken words or messages
auditory displays