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Controlled programs
Duplicate client application programs that are maintained under the auditors' control in order to test the programmed control activities.
Data warehouse
A subject-oriented, integratedcollection of data used to support management decision-making processes.
Database administrator
the administrative function of maintaining and safeguarding databases.
Database system
A system that eliminates data redundancy and enforces data integrity by storing data separately from (outside) programs and that contains data for two or more IT applications.
Electronic commerce
Involves the electronic porcessing and transmission of data between customer and client.
Fiber optic transmission
Transmission using a glass or plastic filament cable used to communicate signals in the form of light waves.
Generalized audit softwared
computer programs used by auditors to locate and process data contained in a client's IT-based records.
A group of interconnected computers, allowing transfers of data between them.
Program analyssi techiques
Techniques for testing programmed control activiites that invlove the examination of computer-generated flowcharts of application programs.