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What type of energy is transferred from the middle ear to the inner ear?
Mechanical Energy to Hydraulic Energy
(the ossicle chain transfers the mechanical energy via pushing the oval window which makes waves in the fluid filled inner ear which moves the hair cells with in the inner ear creating hydraulic energy)
The Semicircular Canals, Saccule and Utricle comprises what inner ear system?
Myringotomy is what type of surgical procedure?
This procedure is calls for a small incisions are made in the ear drum to release pressure from the middle ear.
What ages should visual reinforcement and conditional play be used for evaluating hearing?
ages 3 months to 3 years.
What is presbycusis ?
A hearing loss that is caused due to aging. It is considered a type of sensorineural loss.
Define Speech Recognition Threshold.
The lowest intensity that speech can be heard at least 50% of the time.
Name Three assessment approaches that can be used to determine possible hearing loss
1. Pure Tone Audiometry

2. Immittance Audiometry

3.Otoacustic Emissions
Name the disorder that occurs when an individual has difficulty sorting auditory signals, organizing the signals and gaining information needed to respond appropriately.
Auditory Processing Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder occurs when there is some for a disruption in the ________?
What is Total Communication?
Total Communication is one of the various treatment is used for treating individuals with Profound hearing loss. It consist of the use of teaching both verbal and nonverbal means of communication, such as sign, speech reading,and verbal communication.