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Off Miking
taking the distant miking concept and applying it in a studio enviroment
Most music production uses what kind of mic?
functions of sound in relation to the picture (5)
1. sound paralleles picture
2. sound defines picture
3. picture defines sound
4. sound and picture define effect
5. sound counter points picture
Dialog Cues
What are the functions of Music
set pace
counter pount
smooth out action scenes
What is the mechanical right?
the right to record the music
What is the syn. right?
the right to put the music with picture
What is the public performance right?
The right to perform in public
What does MP3 stand for?
MPEG-2 Layer 3
What is walla?
unintelligeble sound
what is call out
background noise that is unintellegible
binaural hearing
the processing time and intensity differences also makes it possible to hear sound three deminsionally
how long must a sound be delayed to hear an echo?
35 ms or more
should the demensioins of a room equal or be exact mulitples of one another?
What is Acoustics?
the science that deals with the behavior of sound and sound control including it's generation, transmission, reception and effects.
What are psycoacoustics?
the study of human perception of subjective response to sound stimuli
what is the life cycle of sound
direct sound
early reflections
What four factors influence the behavior of sound waves?
sound isolation

room dimensions

room shape

room acoustics
what can happen when sound hits a surface
1 absorb
2 reflect
3 partially absorb and reflect
4 deffract
5 diffuse
what are the three tupes od acoustic absorbers
porous-carpet, fiberglass, foams
diaphragmatic- wood panaling