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What are 4 reasons for using close miking?
1.) Greater control
2.) Less Leakage
3.) easier to balance and acoustic instruments
4.) helps the music from being awash in reverberation.
What are three techniques that are generally used to record an electric instrument?
1.) Plugging it into an amp.
2.) Plugging it into a mic.
3.) combanation of the two.
In choosing a vocal mic, what is the most important consideration?
What is Coincident miking?
two mikes placed ontop of each other, angled apart to aim approximately toward the left and right sides of the sound source. This is used do thier signals are in phase at all frequencies.
What is Near-Coincident miking?
two mics spaced a few inches apart. This may be used instead of Coincident for warmth, depth, and "air" sound.
What is Sound Design?
It is the process of creating the overall sonic character of a production.
What are the three domains we have to work with while creating sound design?
Soeech, Sound Effects, and Music
What are the two basic functions of speech
narration and dialog
What are three types of narration?
DIRECT- saying exactly what's happening
INDIRECT- adding to what's on screen
CONTRAPTUAL- saying something unrelated to what's on screen
What are the two distinct functions of sound effects?
contextual and narrative
What is digetic sound?
sound coming from within the story space
What is Spotting?
going through a script and deciding where to place sound effects and music
Who was the star of the old-time radio show listened to in class?
Jack Benny
What type of microphone is the best choice for the single-mic technique?
mulitdirectional capacitor
List in order the preferace of miking methods for films.
1. Boom from above
2. Boom from below
3. Plant a cardiod or shot gun mic on the set
4. plant lavaliers or miny mic
5. wired lavalier on the actor
6. wireless lavalier on the actor
What are the two things that a boom operator must have?
headphones and an alert attitude.
What does ADR stand for?
Automated Dialog Replacement
What are the 5 elements generally considered more important in ADR?
What are the pros of ADR
there is more control over the final product

1st rate audio quality

a more refined performance
What are the cons of ADR
the quality of the performance is more important than the quality of the sound

the difference between the production and looped sound will always stand out

costly and time consuming

most actors don't like it
what are the two primary engineering considerations when performing ADR?
to match the sound of the recording

Log Actors in a way that they find helpful for obtaining proper sync.