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Define Electronic Warefare
To deny enemy use of a electromagnetic system by limiting effective use due to destroying, degrading or otherwise rending them ineffective.
Electronic Warfare:
The PRF factor determines what?
The max range of radar.
Electronic Warfare:
The Pulse width determines what?
The minimum range of radar.
Electronic Warfare:
The Beam width determines what?
The Azimuth accuracy
List the 3 targets of EA
Communications, navigation and radar subsystems.
What affects the speed of sound in seawater?
Solidity, pressure and temperature.
List and describe the 2 types of sonar equipment.
Active: Also know as echo-ranging, generally used by surface and aircraft.

Passive: Also known as listening sonar equipment, does not transmit sound waves and is used by submarines.
The airborne sonar system detects moving and stationary object within how many yards?
What is the purpose of an airborne sonar system?
Provides range, bearing, speed and target configuration data.
Using MAD what are the 4 ways to detect a submarine?
Alignment in Earth's magnetic field

Submarine size


Degree of permanent magnetization
MAD equipment must be operated at what altitude?
Low altitude
How do you change the aircraft from air-air to air-ground?
Master arm control panel
List 3 modes that Fire Control operates as.

Pulse Doppler

Continuous Wave (CW)
What WRA is a 2 back-back system that acts as a dual wave guide feedhorn?
What WRA delivers high power RF to the antenna?
Waveguide Sytem
Short pulse is used during which modes?



Chirp operation is used for?
Long range target detection
What system provides true heading to the radar?
What is monopulse operation used for?
Air-ground attack
What WRA generates the doppler feed prior to launch?
The chirp IF signl is from
______ to ______ MHZ.
28.5 - 38.5 MHZ
What section in the MIMS do you find chirp operation?
In chirp operation:
300 600 1000 HZ

What are the miles of each?
200 100 25/50
What section in the MIMS do you find short pulse?
What produces a feedback mechanism for lasers?
A pair of mirrors
Interlocks can be overwritten?
False, they should only be overwritten if called for by the MIM.
All lasers are classified and labeled by the manufacturer?
A sidewinder missile contains what?
An IR homing system.
Economically what are the advantages of IR?

Almost impossible to detect

Smaller, lighter and cheaper

High target resolution
What is the frequency between visable light and the microwave region?
Define coherent light
Same wavelength the whole way down.
Which lasers require a danger label and protective eyewear?
Class 3B (2.5 mwatts)

Hazardous when viewed directly or reflected.

Class 4
May be hazardous to skin, requires strict control including door interlocks.
Which lasers require a caution label?
Class 2 (less than 1 mwatts)

Class 3A
Won't hurt momentarily unless used with magnified optics.
A portable IR detector can detect?
Personal and vechicles
A low laser can not do damage to the eye?
What is the 1st laser ever built?
Ruby laser
What is the accuracy of a laser?
Within 1 foot a mile away
Lasers are use for?

Fiber Optics

Land Surveys
How much an object gives off radiation. A black body absorbs all.
A liquid laser can go up to?
10(8) watts peak
What is the most critical component of an IR system?
The detector
What comes up when pilot is clear to land?
Landing descreate illuminator light
The radar acquisition window is how many miles behind the ship?
4 miles
List and describe the 3 modes of ACLS operation.
Mode 1: Fully Automatic

Mode 2: Regular landing

Mode 3: Guidance by shipboard controller
Final adjustment is when?
1 1/2 seconds from touch down
What does LASER stand for?
Amplification by
Emition of
IR is used in what 4 ways?
Day photography because it is effective against camouflage targets.

Night photography because it provides a better visual over radar mapping.

Short range communication

Used in navigation
When was the 1st IR system used and in what?
In WWII in a Snooper Scope
What is the frequency of FAR infrared range?
5.6 microns - microwave
What is the frequency of INTERMEDIATE infrared range.
1.5 microns - 5.6 microns
What is the frequency of NEAR infrared range?
Visable light - 1.5 microns
What does the Radar Digital Computer do?
Preforms all computation required to control the Fire Control Radar subsystems.
List the 5 basic sections of the Radar Digital Computer




Describe 'Control'
Provides timing and control by using data provides by the memory section.
Describe 'Memory'
Stores computer program
and Radar/Avionics data
require for computations.
Describe 'Arithmitic'
Preforms math and logic operations.
Describe 'Input'
Receives data from Radar/Avionics subsystems and coverts it into a format the computer understands.
Describe 'Output'
Converts data from the
Computer into a format that other Radar/Avionic subsystem
can understand.
Fire Control Radar:
Pulse mode detects and tracks targets on a ______ basis.
Range basis
Fire Control Radar:
Pulse Doppler mode detects and tracks targets on a ______ basis.
Velocity basis
Antenna is a __ gymbol hydraulically driven
parabolic reflector.
What do the test circuits provide?
BIT for radar and control
Fire Control Radar:
How is range determined?
By low frequency shift in target return.
Fire Control Radar:
How is target data determined?
By detecting doppler frequency.
What is the AUX Horn used for?
Tracking using angle deception jamming.
What does the beam spoiler plate do?
Changes the main lobe beam pattern during air to ground operation.