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What are three ways to look at a sport Psychology and Injury?
1) Psychosocial antecedents to injury
2) Psychological response to trauma and etiology of response
3) Psychological aspects to rehabilitation
What did Weiss and Troxel (1986) propose?
Weiss and troxel (1986)proposed the use of a psychophysiological approach. Treating whole person not just the injury.
What are 4 potential antecedents to injury?
1) Life events: increase muscle tension, peripheral narrowing, increased cortisol (stress)
2)Risk taking behavior
3)Coaching attitude
4)Psychologically unprepared to return
What are the stages of cognitive appraisal?
Stressor - Injury - Cognitive Appraisal - Emotional response - behavioral consequences or coping
What are some psychological techniques used in rehabilitation process?
1) Visualization
2) Relaxation
3) Goal Setting
4) Self talk
5) Coping Rehearsals
In the intergrated Rehabilitation model what three aspects are delineated?
1) Physical Response, Psychological Response, Sport Response