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What are the indications for hydrotherapy?
1) non-weight bearing rehabilitation
2) Restricted full ROM
3)Accomodated Resistance
4)Psychological aspects
What are some Contraindications for hydrotherapy?
1) Ankle inversion sprains
2) ACL recontruction
3) Open Wounds
4) Fear of water
5) Skin allergies
What are the principles in hydrotherapy?
1) Archimedes Principle
2) Resistance
3) Cooling
4) Hydrostatic Pressure
What did the RCT results show about Hydrotherapy with Arthritis?
There was significant strength gains in using hydrotherapy.
List some hydrotherapy exercises and what they are used for.
1) Skulling for upper extremities and abdominals
2) Deep Well Bicycling for cardiovascular system
3) Running with flutter board to increase resistance
4)Gait training or tethered shallow water running