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What are ergolytic drugs?
Ergolytic drugs do not enhance performance, in actuality they hinder performance of athletes.
What are the 7 ergolytic drugs? (SCAMEDB)
Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuana, smokeless tobacco, blood pressure pills, eye drops, diuretics.
Why is alcohol an ergolytic compound?
Alcohol is cardiotoxic in that it reduces the contractility of the left ventricle. Alcohols impairs coordination and reaction time.
Why is marijuana an ergolytic compound?
Marijuana is an ergolytic compound because it makes the heart work harder. It increases HR, BP and reduces stroke volume.
How much marijuana metabolites stay in the body for up to a week?
approximately 20%
How does smokeless tobacco hinder performance?
Smokeless tobacco makes the heart work harder and can cause oral cancer.
Why are blood pressure pills considered ergolytic?
Blood pressure pills reduce tidal volume, but they have little effect on people with high fitness levels.
How are eye drops ergolytic?
They slow down the heart and reduce maximal oxygen uptake
Sleeping pills have a hangover effect. T/F
Cough Syrup can effect judgement and motor skills. T/F
Why are diuretics an ergolytic drug?
Diuertics reduce plasma volume. With long term use: loss of potassium and irregular heart rhythms (premature ventricular contractions)