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Lu 1
Front Mu Lu
Meeting point of Greater Yin (Lu-Sp)
Promotes descending Lung Qi and stops coughing, resolves phlegm from lungs, disperses chest fullness.
Lu 5
He-Sea Lung
Water Point, Drainage Point
Mostly for Xs patterns.
Clears Lung heat, promotes Descending function of Lu-Qi, Resolves phlegm from lungs
Opens Water passages and benefits Bladder, relaxes sinews of arm and shoulder
Lu 7
Luo connecting of Lung
Opening point of Ren Mai (DV)
Releases the Exterior to expel ext. wind, sneezing in allergic rhinitis, affect the head(h/a), treats the effects of worry, sadness and grief, affects menstruation (with KI6), Affects bladder and opens water passages, affects LI (esp constipation in elderly)
Lu 9
Shu Stream of Lung
Yuan source point
Earth Point
Gathering point for arteries and veins
Resolves phlegm, promotes descending of Lu-Qi and stops cough, tonifies Zong QI, promotes circulation of blood and influences the pulse, clears lung and liver heat.
Lu 10
Ying-spring of Lung
Fire point

Expels W-H and benefits the throat
Extinguishes interior Wind and promotes resuscitation
Lu 11
Jing-Well of Lung channel
Wood point

Expels exterior wind
Stimulates DD function
Benefits the throat, extinguishes interior Wind, opens orifices and promotes resuscitaiton
LI 4
Yuan Source of Large Intestine
SI 3
Shu Stream of SI
Wood point of SI
Opening point of Du Mai (GV)
Tonification point
SJ 5
Luo Connecting Pt on San Jiao channel
Opening point of Yang Wei Mai (YangLV)
Expels WH, benefits the ears, clears heat in the head, subdues Liver Yang, removes obstructions from channel
UB 13
Back Shu Lu
Ren 17
Front Mu PC
Expels wind, regulates yin and wei, stimulates lu descending function
Nourishes qi, jing, lu yin
3 cun lateral to sp. process of T4
Jing Well, Wood Point on spleen channel
Shu Stream, Yuan Source, Earth Point on Spleen channel
Sp 4
Spleen Luo Connecting, MP chong mai
Sp 6
Crossing point of 3 yin
SP 9
He-sea, Water Point
Back Shu spleen

Tonifies SP and ST
Resolves Damp, regulates instestines, lifts spleen Qi and stops bleeding, nourishes blood.
Back Shu Stomach
Subdues rebellious St Qi
Tonifies the stomach
Resolves Dampness
Ren 12
Front Mu of St
Ren 6
Source point for membranes
Tonifies Qi and Yang
Tonifys Yuan Qi
Regulates Qi in Lower Jiao
St 36
St He Sea, Earth Point, Sea of Nourishment, Command pt of stomach
St 40
Stomach Luo connecting point, special pt for phlegm,
Du 20
‘100 meetings’
ST 45
Jing Well, Metal Point on Stomach channel
St 44
Ying spring, Water Point on St channel
St 41
Jing River, Fire Point on St channel
St 36
St He Sea, Earth Point, Sea of Nourishment, Command pt of stomach
St 34
Xi-cleft of Stomach
St 25
Front Mu of LI channel

Regulates intestines, ST and SP, moves Qi and invigorates blood, resolves damp, clears heat in ST and Intestines, calms mind and opens the Mind's orifices
Back Shu Stomach
Ren 12
Front Mu or St, Influential Point for FU
Ren 13
“Upper Stomach”
Ren 10
“Lower Stomach”
Liv 13
Front Mu Spleen, Influential pt for Zang
PC 6
Luo connecting of PC channel, MP Yin Wei Mai, CP Chong Mai
UB 25
Back Shu LI
ST 37
Lower He Se Pt LI
LI 2
Ying Spring, Water Point of Large Intestine
Promotes LI and SP TT function, resolves damp, regulates Qi
SJ 6
Jing River, Fire point of San Jiao
Lv 1
Jing Well, Wood point of Liver Channel
Lv 2
Ying spring, Fire point of Liver Channel
Lv 3
Shu stream, Earth point ,Yuan source of Liver Channel
Lv 5
Luo Connecting pt of liver channel
LV 8
He Sea,Water point of liver channel
Lv 13
Front Mu spleen, Influential pt for Zang of liver channel
Lv 14
Front Mu Liver
GB 20 (Fengchi = wind pool)
Expels ext & int wind
Subdues Liver yang
Brightens eyes, benefits ears, clears heat, nourishes Marrow and clears the brain
GB 24
Front Mu GB
GB 34
He Sea, Earth Point, Influential point of sinuses
GB special point
Gb 37
Luo connecting
Gb 38
Jing River, Fire Point of Gallbladder
Gb 41
Shu Stream, Wood Point, MP Dai Mai, CP Yang Wei Mai
Ub 18
Back Shu Liver
Ub 19
Back Shu GB
Ying spring of Kidney channel
Shu Stream, Earth Point, Yuan Source
MP YinQiao, CP Ren Mai
Jing River, Metal Point
He-sea, Water Point
He sea, Earth Point
Tonify Ki
Tonify mingmen, Ki Yang, Jing, Yuan Qi, Strenthen low back
Back shu KI

Tonifies Kidneys and Kidney-Jing
Consolidates Kidney Qi, strengthens lower back, nourishes blood, benefits bones and Marrow, resolves damp and benefits urination
‘house of will’
Only in men, Tonify Ki and Jing
Front Mu UB
Front Mu SI
Tonify Qi and Yang, yuan qi, regulates Qi, resolves damp
Influential Pt for marrow
Back shu UB
ST 28
Clear DH in UB, open water passages
Heart 3
He Sea, Water Point of heart channel
Luo Connecting, Special pt Aphasis
Xi Cleft
Shu Stream, Earth Point, Yuan Source
Ying Spring, Fire Point
Jing Well, Wood point
Xi Cleft
Jing River, Metal Point
Luo Connecting Point
Shu stream Earth Point Yuan Source
Ying Spring, Fire Point
Jing well, Wood point
Back Shu PC
Back Shu HT
Front mu HT
Ren Luo, Communicates with superficial collateral.
Front mu PC, UJ
Accumulation (Xi) Point of Lung
Stops pain and used in acute conditions ie: asthma, lung heat, stops bleeding
Regulates Lu-Qi in channel
Jing River point of Lung
Metal Point of lung
Promotes descending of Lung-Qi
Use for throat problems
Lung 7 and Lung 9 compared
7 for exterior / 9 for interior
7 for excess / 9 for deficiency
7 has outward movt / 9 inward
7 affects Qi / 9 Qi & blood
7 for channel
7 better for emotional probs
7 good for acute / 9 chronic
7 opens water passages and affects bladder
Jing Well point of LI
Metal point of LI
SI 4
Yuan source point of SI
Removes obstructions from channel, resolves damp heat (jaundice, febrile disease)
Jing River point of SI
Fire point

Clears heat, calms mind (clears the mind), benefits ears and eyes
Luo connecting point of SI

Expels WH, subdues rebellious Qi, removes obstructions from channel, calms mind.
He Sea point of SI channel
Earth point
Drainage point

Resolves D-H, removes obstructions from channel esp pain in neck, scapula, shoulder, upper arm and elbow
Yuan source of SJ
Removes obstructions from channel, benefits the ears, regulates 'lesser yang', promotes fluid transformation, benefits original qi, tonifies Chong (PV) and Ren (DV) Mai.
Shu stream point of SJ
Wood point
Tonification point

Clears heat in head, benefits ears, subdues Lv yang, removes obstructions from the channel
Jing River Point of SJ
Fire Point of SJ
Accumulation (Xi)point of SJ
SanYangLuo = meeting point of three Yang channels of arm

Removes obstructions from the channel, benefits throat and voice
He sea point of SJ
Earth point
Drainage point

Resolves phlegm and dissipates nodules (eg: swollen glands and tonsils), subdues rebellious Qi, calms the mind
Influential point for Bones

Nourishes blood, expels ext wind, subdues liver yang, strengthens bones, restores descending of lung-Qi
Back Shu of Pericardium

Regulates the Heart, opens the chest, stops pain
Back Shu of Heart

Calms the mind, nourishes the heart, stimulates the brain, clears heat, regulates Heart Qi and invigorates blood.
Back Shu of the Governing Vessel

Regulates the heart, moves Qi and invigorates Blood
Back Shu of the diaphragm, Gathering point for blood

Invigorates blood, cools blood, stops bleeding, nourishes blood, opens chest and diaphragm, subdues rebellious qi, benefits sinews, tonifies qi and blood
Back Shu of Liver

Resolves D-H (jaundice)
Clears heat, moves Liv-Qi and eliminates stagnation, brightens the eyes, benefits the sinews of the whole body, tonifies Qi and Blood (with Bl-19)
Back Shu of Gall Bladder

Resolves DH in Liver and GB
Subdues rebellious Qi, tonifies GB Qi, tonifies Xu (steaming bones, night sweating, fever from Yin Xu, dry throat)
Back Shu of San Jiao

Resolves damp, opens water passages in lower burner, invigorates blood, regulates lesser yang
Back Shu of LI
Promotes the function of LI, strengthens lower back
Back Shu of SI

Promotes the function of SI, resolves damp and benefits urination
Bl 28
Back Shu of Bladder

Regulates the bladder, resolves damp in lower burner, eliminates stagnation and dissolves masses, opens the water passages in the lower burner, strengthens lower back
He Sea point
Earth point

clears heat and cools blood, removes obstructions from the channel, clears summer heat. Benefits the lower back.
Bl-58 (feiyang=flying up)
Luo connecting pt of Bladder

Removes obstructions, subdues rebellious Qi from head, strenthens Kidneys, treats haemmorrhoids. Treats backache, sciatic, atrophy of leg
Bl-60 (Kunlun = Kunlun mountains)
River (Jing) point
Fire point

Clears heat, extinguishes interior wind, subdues rebellious Qi from head, removes obstructions from the channel, strenthens back, invigorates blood and promotes labour.
Bl-63 (Jinmen = golden door)
Xi Cleft Point
MP of Yang Wei Mai (Yang LV)

Bi syndrome of legs, lower back ache, knee pain.
Bl-64 (Jinggu =capital bone)
Yuan source point
Subdues rebellious Qi from head, extinguishes interior wind, calms the mind
Bl-65 (shugu = binding bone)
Shu stream point
Wood point
Drainage point

subdues rebellious QI from head, clears heat, expels exterior wind
Bl-66 (Tonggu = passing valley)
Ying Spring point
Water point

Clears heat, promotes the rising of clear Qi to the head.
Jing well point
Metal point
Tonification point

Subdues rebellious Qi from head, clears heat, resolves DH, promotes labour.
Arm Xi Cleft Points
Lung 6
Colon 7
SJ 7
SI 6
Ht 6
PC 4
Luo connecting points on arm
Lu 7
Co 6
SJ 5
SI 7
HT 5
PC 6
Lower He Sea Points
Bl 39 - SJ
ST 37 - LI
ST 39 - SI
(ST 36 is He Sea of ST)
What are the He Sea Points
Lu 5
Co 11 (lower St 27)
SJ 10 (Lower Bl 39)
SI 8 (lower St 39)
HT 3
PC 3

KI 10
SP 9
LV 8
St 36
GB 34
Bl 40
Yuan source points on foot
Ki 3
Sp 3
LV 3
St 42
GB 40
Bl 64
Xi cleft points on leg
Ki 5
Sp 8
Lv 6
ST 34
GB 36
Bl 63
Luo points on foot
Ki 4
Sp 4
Lv 5
St 40
GB 37
BL 58
Front Mu points
Lu - lu1
Co - ST 25
SJ - Ren 12
SI - Ren 4
Ht - Ren 14
Pc - Ren 17
Ki - GB 25
Sp - LV 13
Lv - LV 14
St - Ren 12
GB - GB 24
Bl - Ren 3
Yuan source points on arm
Lu 9
Co 4
SJ 4
SI 4
Ht 7
Pc 7
MP and CP of 8 extras
Ren Mai lu 7 and CP KI 6
Du Mai SI 3 and CP BL 62
Chong Mai SP and CP PC 6
Dai Mai GB 41 and CP SJ 5
Yin Qiao Mai MP Ki 6
Yang Qiao Mai MP BL62
Yin Wei Mai MP PC6
Yang Wei Mai MP SJ 5
Back Shu points
Bl 13 - Back Shu Lung
Bl 14 - BS PC
Bl 18 - BS LV
Bl 19 - BS GB
Bl 20 - BS Sp
Bl 21 - BS ST
Bl 22 - BS SJ
BL 23 - BS Kidney
BL 25 - BS Colon
Bl 27 - BS SI
BL 28 - BS Bladder
Xi Cleft points
Lu 6
Co 7
SJ 7
SI 6
Ht 6
PC 4
Ki 5
SP 8
Lv 6
ST 34
GB 36
Bl 63