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adapting to environ
prolonged exposure causing redness and swelling, tingling pain in toes and fingers
Circadian Dysrhythmia
Desynchronization of biological and biophysical time clock
heat exhaustion
profuse sweating,pale skin, mildly elevated temperature, dizziness,
heat stroke
Breakdown of thermoregulatory mechanism
mountain sickness
Experience headache, nausea, vomiting, sleep disturbance,
photochemical haze
nitrogen dioxide and stagnant air acted on by sunlight to produce ozone
combination of carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide
heat stroke signs
sudden collapse, LOC, CNS dysfunction, flushed hot skin, minimal sweating, shallow breathing, strong rapid pulse, and core temperature of > 104o F
caring for heat stroke victim
Strip clothing
Sponge with cool water
Do not immerse in water
Transport to hospital immediately
Cool first, transport second
superficial frostbite
skin and subcutaneous tissue
deep frostbite
frozen skin
treatment for deep frostbite
Rapid re-warming and hospilization
6 actions to prevent heat illness
Fluid and Electrolyte Replacement
Gradual Acclimatization
Identifying Susceptible Individuals
Uniform Selection
Weight Records
Temperature and Humidity Reading