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How many stars can be found in the Milky Way Galaxy?
200-400 billion
How many galaxies does the Local group contain?
Over 30
What is the diameter of the virgo supercluster (our supercluster)?
Virgo supercluster has a diameter of 200 million light years
How fast does Earth Rotate?
Earth rotates at 1000km/hr
How fast does Earth orbit the sun?
Earth orbits the sun at 100,000 km/hr
How fast does the solar system move within the Local Solar Neighborhood
70,000km/hr when compared to other neighboring stars
How fast does the solar neighborhood move around the center of the milky way galaxy?
Local Solar Neighborhood rotates around center of Milky Way Galaxy at 800,000 km/hr
How fast is the MWG moving within the locy group towards Andromeda?
Milky Way Galaxy moves within local group at 300,000 km/hr towards Andromeda Galaxy