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What is a Earth day?
An Earth day is one rotation on the Earths axis
What is a Earth year?
An Earth year is one revolution on the Earths path in the solar system
What is the the name of the north star?
The North Stars Name is Polaris
Where does the big dipper point?
The big dipper points towrd Polaris (a.k.a The North Star)
When viewing the sun use a...
A). Bare eyes
B). Sunglasses
C). Welders Glasses
D). Pinhole Camera
E). Both D & C
When viewing the sun use E
What does light emitting mean?
light emitting means to give off light
What does Light Reflecting mean?
Light Reflecting means to Reflect light
In the night sky Which one is Light emitting?
A). Sun
B). Stars
C). Moon
D). A&B
E). All Of the above
The stars (b) in the night sky are Light emitting because you dont see the sun in the night sky. Otherwise its day
How many planets are there?
there are nine planets
(just like the Q&A number)
How is one way of remembering the planets are?
Man Very Early Made Jars Stand Upright Nearly Purpendicular
Another way of remembering the planets are
My Very Enerjetic Mother Just Served us Nine Pizzas
Is pluto a planet?
No, Pluto is consider a dwarf planet.
What is the 4th Planet from the sun?
The 4th Planet from the sun is Mars
Is Venus bigger or smaller than Earth?
Is Venus smaller than Earth
What is the largest planet?
The largest planet is Jupiter