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Centinmeter in a kilometer
Scientific notation is used because
it makes it easy to write big or small numbers
2.9x10^7 is the same as
29 million
if light takes 8 minutes to reach earth from the sun and 5 hours to reach pluto what is the distance from the sun to pluto
earth has a radius of about 6400km the sun has a radious pf about 7.0x10^5 km, and a rubber ball has a radius of 6.4 cm if u were to construct a scale model of the solar system using the rubber ball to represent the earth what is the radius of a ball needed to represent the sun in your model
constellation names are
an observer in the N.hemisphere watches the sky for several hours. Due to the motion of hte earth this observer notices that the stars near the north celetial pole appear to move
counter clockwise
you live in a latitude of 73degrees n. what is the angle between the n.horizon and the n.celetial pole
73 degrees
relative to the stars the sun appears to move
about one degreee astward each day
the sun on the celetail equator at the times of the
auntumnal equinox and the vernal equinox
the point in the earths orbit when earth is farthest from thesun is known as
spring tides occur
at new moon and full
the synodic period of the moon
none of the above
a dine is 1.8 cm in diameter. at what distance from your eye would you have to hold a dime so that it has the same angular diameter as the full moon
which of the following people did not accept a heliocentric model for the universe