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Who has the spring date when the world has equal number of daylight & nighttime hours?
I have the vernal equinox.
Who has the 2 reasons the earth has season?
I have the Earth's tilt & revolution.
Who has the new moon?
I have the phase of the moon when it is not visible.
Who has the longest day of the year?
I have the summer solstice.
Who has the shortest day of the year?
I have the winter solstice.
Who has the lenght of time it takes for Earth to rotate once?
I have 24 hours or 1 day.
Who has the lenght of time it takes Earth to revolve around the sun?
I have 1 year or 365 days.
Who has the lenght of time it takes the moon to go through all 8 phases?
I have about a month.
Who has the force that pulls Earth in an orbit around the sun?
I have gravity.
Who has the study of the planets, sun and space?
I have astronomy.
WHo has degree of the Earth's tilted axis?
I have 23 1/2 degrees.
Who has the rise & fall of the oceans about every 6 hours?
I have tides.
Who has the reason for the rise & fall of the oceans?
I have the gravitational pull of the moon & sun.
Who has imaginary line that runs through the center of the Earth & is tilted?
I have the Earth's axis?
Who has the season, when Earth is titled away from the sun?
I have winter.