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Keywords: Self Awareness
How others see you, personality, mannerisms, outer behavior, persona, mask, physical appearance, self-projection, early childhood, home environment, self-expression, health, vitality, image presented to others.
1st House
Keywords: Relationship to Substance
Finances, possessions, personal resources, attachments, survival needs, material security, earning and spending habits, attitudes towards possessions, wealth.
2nd House
Keywords: Communication with Environment
Mental activity, routine interactions, transmitting and receiving information, intellectual endeavors, teaching, writing, conversation, messages, correspondence, personal thoughts, the day-to-day environment, short journeys, relatives, neighbors, siblings, intimate brotherhoods or sisterhoods -- consciousness groups, covens, sanghas.
3rd House
Keywords: Establishing Foundations
Personal integration, home, foundation, a protected and secure environment, family, traditions, your roots, heritage, and background. The source of emotional security and wholeness, the private self, introversion, the parent who played the mother role, land, property, real estate. Private life, later life conditions, circumstances and environment, end of life, subconscious, intimate ties.
4th House
Keywords: Creative Self-Expression
All creative extensions of yourself -- children, child-bearing, the arts, dance, drama, theater, music, personal music, romance, affairs, play, recreation, pleasure, entertainment and relaxation, games, sports, hobbies, investments, gambling.
5th House
Keywords: Self Improvement
Personal reorientation, growth through crisis or sickness, analytical introspection, purification, care of the body, hygiene, nutrition, daily work environment, employment, employees, work and labor, skills and craftsmanship, service as a means of healing self and others, love and kindness to animals, self-discipline.
6th House
Keywords: Completion through Others
What you seek in others, one-to-one or small group relationships, marriage, personal attributes of the marriage partner, dealings with others, business partnerships, legal contracts, alliances, conflict with others, litigation, cooperation or competition.
7th House
Keywords: Transformation
The emotional consequence of a relationship, intense unions, sexual activities, death and rebirth, joint resources, investments, dowries, legacies, inheritance, wills and life insurance, delving into the unknown, psychic research, surgery, the world of the occult, sorcerers, nature's secrets, deeply felt peak experiences, after-death experiences, psychology, attitudes toward growth and change, letting go, counseling.
8th House
Keywords: Expansion of Awareness
The search for meaning, the higher or superconscious mind, collective thinking, abstractions, clergymen, philosophy, metaphysics, religious rituals, your belief system, ethics, and morals. Travel to distant lands, exploration, higher education, law, publishing, prophetic dreams, teachers, gurus.
9th House
Keywords: Social Integration
Your standing in the community, public life, vocation, profession, career, business, status, societal recognition, achievements, accomplishments, reputation, the parent who played the father role, authority and authority figures.
10th House
Keywords: Social Reform
Group involvement, collective endeavors, clubs and organizations, common links to others beyond space and time, social causes, ideals, progress, the common good, humanitarianism, global awareness, impersonal love, altruism, friendships, your hopes, wishes, dreams, and aspirations.
11th House
Keywords: Transcendence
The end of the cycle where you must take care of unfinished business and resolve past karma, and come to terms with unresolved issues, ghosts from the past, retraints, places of confinement, prison, hospitals, asylum, aloneness, psychological blocks, isolation -OR- freeing yourself from past restrictions, transcending karma through grace, attaining inner peace, rendering compassionate service to humanity, retreats from the world, inner realities, universal visions, introspection, fantasies and dreams, spiritual bliss -OR- self-undoing, escapism, troubles, worries, sorrow, loss and suffering, the shadow.
12th House