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(has all 5 flavors ~ hint)
astringe Lung, stop cough
aids Kidney grasping Fx
astringe Essence, stop leakage
Main herb for Hepatitis
Tx. Heart fire symptoms
Wu Wei Zi
(5 flavored seed)
stops cough and diarhea
generates fluid, allev. thirst
expels roundworms
stops uterine bleeding
Wu Mei
(black plum)
(*very cold natured herb)
stops: sweat, uterine bleeding, diarhea, spermatorhea
*reduces toxins and heat
Wu Bei Zi
(*cool nature- enters Heart)
calms spirit
stops bedwetting for children
*tx. Kidney essence xu in kids
(retardation/poor development)
calms Zang organs (nervosa)
Fu Xiao Mai
(floating wheat)
(enters the Lung)
stops sweat
*esp d/t post-partum Qi/Xue xu
Ma Huang Gen
(ephedra root)
(enters Taiyang level)
astringe LI and LU
stop cough, diarhea
He Zi
(aromatic and warm - abdom)
*restrains Lower jiao: leakage
warms yang, increase circulation, allev. pain
Rou Dou Cou
(warm- - LI and stomach)
astringes LI, stops diarhea
promotes healing of Yin sores
stops uterine bleeding
Ci Shi Zi
(magnet stone seed?)
tonify Spleen and Kidney essence
clear Heart heat/fire; calm spirit (Ht/Kd disharmony)
Lian Zi
(lotus seeds)
tonifies and reduces* Spleen
restrains essence/stops leakage
(also a food)
Qian Shi
(warm - *kidney)
contains Kidney essence and yin
Tx. "Kidney not consolidated"; (e.g. prolapse, all Kid xu Sx)
Jin Ying Zi
Tonifies and restrains leakage
*spec: essence deficiency
(enters Kidney and liver)
Sang Piao Xiao
(mantis eggs)
(berries - all berry T. blood)
tonifies Kidney Qi and contains urine, single fx: T. Kidney
Fu Pen Zi
(sl. warm and drying)
stops bleeding
restrains essence, stops leakage
calms acid stomach, ulcers, pain
*heals sores, ulcers on skin
Hai Piao Xiao
(cuttlefish bones)
animal products tonify ______?
plant products tonify ________?
animals - Yang (stronger)
plants - Qi (milder)